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10 years after Mean Girls

2014 is the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls and the girls are still watching their back. The movie which was based on Rosalind Wiseman’s Queen Bees and Wannabees is about high school with gangs who always hang put together and to enter these gangs, you must possess a certain “Beauty” standard.
Cady Heron(Lindsay Lohan) the girl who just came back from South Africa and tries to fit in with current highschool trends. The change of culture does shock her at first, but she quickly adopted to the new jungle.
The rules didn’t change after all this years, it’s still the same. Only the strong survives.

Mean girls

So what’s the update these girls after 10 year of the movie. So far we have only heard stories of Lindsay Lohan alcoholic problem but what about others?

Lindsay Lohan – Cady Heron

2010 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals - California
Lindsay is still battling her alcohol problems. Lindsay Lohan has admitted to drinking since leaving rehab, confessing her relapse during an appearance on ‘Alan Carr: Chatty Man’. During the interview, she told the host Alan that she only had one drink while filming her reality show OWN Lindsay which last aired 20th April 2014.
Also adding up to the drama in her life she revealed she had miscarriage during the finale of her show.
She said: ‘No one knows this; I had a miscarriage for those two weeks that I took off. It’s a very long story.”

Rachel McAdams – Regina George

The leader of Plastic is all successful. Unlike her character, Rachel is loveable by all and she has been in many love movies such as The Vow, Wedding Crashers, The Time Traveller’s Wife and the ever famous The Notebook. Now is she is moving on to more challenging movie and her latest movie; A Most Wanted Man portraits her maturity in this business.

Lacey Chabert – Gretchen Wieners


She just shout Weiners at her current state. The babe is still hotter than her other Plastic gangs. Before Mean Girls, she was famous for lending her voice as Eliza Thornberry in Wild Thornberry. Yes yes we know Eliza don’t look any close to her.
These days she has been lending her voice in Video Games like Injustice: Gods Among Us and TV Series like Family Guy(Meg Griffin).
Even though she is no longer active in acting so to speak, we do hope she will make come back with some babelicious movie. For now let’s enjoy her interview about her sexy attire for Maxim.

Amanda Seyfried – Karen Smith

Karen Smith was a Plastic who agreed on what ever you said but Amanda is an entire different story. After Mean Girls, Amanda was just surviving a small parts until 2008 she landed in comedy musical. She starred next to Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan in which boost her portfolio.
After that, the 5’2 1/2 start landing on leading roles in movies such as Jennifer’s Body, Letter to Juliet, Red Riding Hood, Les Miserables, The Big Wedding and her latest A Million Ways to Die in the West. She even borrowed her voice in EPIC.
Currently she is been dating Justin Long for 8 months.
This girl’s future looks perky for now and we wish her all the best.

Godzilla vs…..??

More insight on Godzilla. Based on the latest trailer, Godzilla seems to fighting some ‘thing’.
As Godzilla is now 3 times as tall as 160-foot dinosaur compared to the 1954 version, the new Godzilla at first seems to be similar to the 1998 version. But the new trailer, seems otherwise.

The trailer suggest that Godzilla fights with another Godly creature. So the question is, why are the Japanese so relaxed and the American are shooting on it(no suprise)?
Anyway, based on the previous movies since 1954, Godzilla had fought with some other creatures such as:

– Ebirah – a giant lobster
– Mohtra – a giant bug
– Ghidorah – 3 headed monster
– Anguirus – a mutated ankylosaurus
– King Kong – do we need to state more
– Minilla – his own son, in which 2 two live happily ever after -_-

Maybe director Gareth Edwards some other monster in the making? Note to self, the writer for this movie is Max Borenstein. As the name suggest, he tends to go overboard with his imagination(he wrote Swordswallowers and Thin Men – the college movie with a budget of $2500). So expect the unexpected.

Who will direct Justice League?

While some are excited for Spider-Man 2 which will be release in few days time, Warner Brothers has drop the bomb on the DC Comic franchise.
It started with Man of Steel with Henry Cavill playing the legendary icon. Later the news of Ben Affleck taking the role of the dark crusader which raised up alot of doubts on his ability to wear the cape. Christian Bale has put the bar high for Ben to follow up but speculation has going around saying that might not be an issue.
The second Warner Brothers is “Batman vs. Superman” which is directed by Zack Snyder. Last year, Zack also directed Man of Steel – in which we now presume the continuation would be “Batman vs. Superman”.

superman-batman-1Now that the DC Avenger has been confirm and guess who they decide to direct it – Zack Snyder! Justice League would be focus on Batman, Superman and Wonderwoman. Gal Gadot will be playing the feisty Amazon woman.

Gal-Gadot-Wonder-Woman-Workout-One thing for sure, Justice League is gonna have a hard time kicking Avenger *ss.

Watch the first 5 minutes How To Train Your Dragon 2

It’s been 4 year since the last movie of How To Train Your Dragon and we have been expecting the sequel. In this sequel, Hiccup meet seems to meet his mother.
For now enjoy the 5 minutes of the movie and tell us if you don’t watch the movie. In our book, it’s a must watch movie this year.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Rise of Electo – Review

On the 1st of May, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be released in Malaysia and anticipated fan of the Marvel’s hero will rejoice as their favourite web slinging friend is back.
As Peter Parker fight against himself to keep a promise to a dying man, he also found out his Spidey strength wasn’t just an accident but rather a gift from his father.


Now the start of the movie, Spidey himself is awesome. Andrew Garfield who plays Peter Parker makes the character so loveable. Peter Parker easily handle crimes in New York. Even with his cool side of it, he was fighting with himself – trying to keep that promise he made right before Gwen’s dad died in the first movie.

Remember the interview with MTV(Click Here), it was reveal that Oscorp is the big evil corporation and Harry Osborne has a disease. We also knew how Electro came to life, which was by falling in pole of electric eel. In the movie the chain reaction of all the reveal info came together.

One thing for sure, during this all of that was put together in a non jerky way. However to get there – the movie became a little draggy but acceptable thanks to the CGI and screenplay.

Mr Foxxx who played Electro without a doubt was psychotic and was one hell of a psycho because at one part we wandering is Jamie was acting or just playing natural. The way, Harry Osborne came into the movie was rather forced in our opinion.

While trying to keep his promise to Gwen’s dad, Peter also found out more his father and the research his working and how Oscorp tries remove all unwanted obstacles.

With some question answered Peter was more accepting his faith – however due to this he lost something dearest to him. Who and what he lost, we will let you watch it and find out yourself.





Plot: 7/10
Review: 8.5/10

The movie is a must watch movie for all, not only Marvel fans. The movie is available this 1st May 2014 at GSC and TGV. But we would like to highlight that the movie is much fun to watch IMAX.

Transformers: Age Of Extinction – Cast updates

2 more months to the première of Transformers: Age of Extinction in Malaysia and so many speculation has come out about the movie storyline and character involved.

Recently during an interview with MTV – Mark Wahlberg and the other cast reveal a little about their character in the crazy and full explotion movie.

Mark Wahlberg – Cade Yeager

The dad who is an inventor and he tries to break down of what he thinks is a Transformers. The part he get from that, he plans to sell it and with the money he could send the daughter to college.


Nicola Peltz – Tessa Yeager

The daughter of Cade Yeager and secretly has a boyfriend in which the dad doesn’t know. 

Jack Reynor – Shane

He is car racer – who drives Blue Chevrolet Sonic(Possibility is Blurr) and the boyfriend of Tessa.


For the AOE latest trailer check out here –>> TV SPOT

We will be updating more the cast and character soon.

Transcendence – Review

As Dr. Will Caster works toward his goal of creating an omniscient, sentient machine, a radical anti-technology organization fights to prevent him from establishing a world where computers can transcend the abilities of the human brain.


Transcendence means existence or experience beyond the normal or physical level. In this movie, Johhny Depp plays Dr Will Caster – a genius in Artificial Intelligence and combining human brain with it.
So the good doctor create an AI computer that is so advance and it could really makes lives more easier. Now ofcourse not everyone is into the idea and as that contradict with beliefs and religion.
The extremist decide to kill the doctor and with that – the loving genius wife decides to make Dr Caster into a digital format. Ofcourse her idea works and Dr Caster starts his new life as a computer. He quick adapt and makes the wife super rich and bought land out side town where he built’s a computer town with human cyborg who can’t die.


Even thou the movie had super actor’s such as Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman, and Cillian Murphy –  the movie just doesn’t deliver the message.
To be honest, we were confuse with the theme. Because in the beginning the story was going to the direction of loves never dies then it change direction of an AI take over of the world, then later it changes to a cyborg invasion and lastly to a love story that never changes even if your lover is now a computer. The movie left us fearing our smart phone at the end of the movie.

Plot: 4/10
Review: 2/10

The movie is available TGV and GSC.


The Other Women – Contest(ENDED)

After discovering her boyfriend is married, a woman (Cameron Diaz) tries to get her ruined life back on track. But when she accidentally meets the wife he’s been cheating on (Leslie Mann), she realizes they have much in common, and her sworn enemy becomes her greatest friend. When yet another affair is discovered (Kate Upton), all three women team up to plot mutual revenge on their cheating, lying, three-timing SOB.

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Brick Mansions – Contest(ENDED)

An undercover Detroit cop navigates a dangerous neighbourhood that’s surrounded by a containment wall with the help of an ex-con in order to bring down a crime lord and his plot to devastate the entire city.

For undercover cop, Walker every day is a battle against corruption For Belle, everyday is fight to live an honest life. Their paths never should have crossed, but when drug kingpin, RZA kidnaps Belle’s girlfriend, Damien reluctantly accepts the help of the fearless ex-convict, and together they must stop a sinister plot to devastate the entire city. Together they uncover a trail of corruption that leads all the way to the top.

Movie Prizes: 
10 x RAM Double Movie Passes

Movie Questions:
1. What is Paul Walker role in this movie?
2. Brick Mansions is remake of a French movie called?
3. Tell us why should you watch one of Paul Walker’s last movie?

1. This contest is for Malaysian citizens only.
2. Winners selection is finalised by the judges at Screenbite.
3. Only entries with full details required will be entertained.
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5. Prizes will be sent to the address in the entry email.
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Divergent – Review

DIVERGENT is a thrilling action-adventure film set in a world where people are divided into distinct factions based on human virtues. Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley) is warned she is Divergent and will never fit into any one group. When she discovers a conspiracy by a faction leader (Kate Winslet) to destroy all Divergents, Tris must learn to trust in the mysterious Four (Theo James) and together they must find out what makes being Divergent so dangerous before it’s too late. Based on the best-selling book series by Veronica Roth.


Another Hunger Games concept, but the instead of surviving – the story is about how a teenager who has the power to choose other faction beside the the agreed faction.  The movie surrounds at Beatrice(Tris), a girl who is different from other.
Tris is a Divergent; a person with many faction attributes. In a perfect government, everybody does as they are ordered or rather chosen. She is considered as rare and in a fully controlled dictator government, she has to be removed or killed.
Stars_Showcase_-_Divergent_Book_ClubIn total there is 5 factions:
   1.  Abnegation (selfless)
2.  Amity (peaceful)
   3.  Candor (truthful)
   4.  Erudite (intelligent)
   5.  Dauntless (brave)

We totally love the concept of faction of how your life is decided based on a test. This is where the movie stand out if compared to the Hunger Games. Compared to the Hunger Games, Divergent is more refined in terms of plot.
Even thou the movie is a little draggy at some point but the plot really cover’s up that part.
The movie directed in a way to suit the youth in our opinion.

Plot: 8.5/10
Review: 8.0/10

The movie is available in TGV and GSC.