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Transformers: Age of Extinction – Review

Transformers: Age of Extinction, the movie of the summer has been release last week on the 26th June 2014. The movie which features the Dinobots has alot of mixed reviews especially the likes of the Transformers fan. Some love it, some hate it.

After the destruction of Chicago, some people in the government feels that we should be prepared and remove all alien threats. Heard that before?? Yup, the same kind of dialogue from The Avengers. Anyway, the government started destroying all bots that they could their side on. Whether you’re an Autobots or Deception, however in the movie you only see that the Autobots are the one being hunted and killed.
autobots_that_was_killed_and_captured_by_tf4_lockdown-d7ivb7lNow Cade Yeager is a mechanic. He fixed any junk and sell it. On one lucky, day he found a old truck. He brought it home and tries to fix it, guess who decides to transform? Optimus Prime and he was pissed. Optimus was betrayed by the humans and he was shoot badly. Cade offered to help Optimus as he feels it’s his responsible as an inventor. So he helped Optimus and it come with a heavy price.
RustyPrimeCade gets piss off and start going after the people who tried to hurt his family. With the get help of the Autobots they finally found out what were the government doing to all the demise bots. It didn’t set well with Optimus and he decides to DESTROY!
The government retaliate by unleashing Galvatron who is assisted by Lockdown –  a bot bounty hunter. Lockdown had the upper hand as he was working the Government people who is killing all bots. lockdownLockdown captures Optimus and Cade’s daughter. Cade and the rest of the Autobots decides to sneak in Lockdown’s carrier and rescued Optimus. Optimus got freed and they decide to stop Galvatron’s scheme of seeding the entire Earth metal that creates the Transformers. Knowing that they are out numbered, Optimus freed the Knights also known as the Dinobots. After a quick battle with Grimlock, Optimus rode Grimlock and attack at Galvatron’s army. Right when they were winning, Lockdown appears again.

Plot: 7/10
The movie is basically a base for the next Transformers movie. Even thou Bay squeeze everything in it, he made sure everything had reasoning.
Everything was put in together. Understood what Bay was trying to do but kinda sad he didn’t focus on how it’s gonna effect in future. He merely touched the subject and played along. He tried to an Avenger style but didn’t have enough contain.
Imax: YES!!!

Remarks: Any Transformers fan should watch the movie and should enjoy it on IMAX. By the way, Grimlock is freaking HUGE!!!

Pacific Rim 2 date release

Guillermo del Toro’s “Pacific Rim 2” shall be release worldwide on Friday, April 7, 2017 in both in 3D and IMAX 3D.

Zak Penn, the guy who wrote The Avengers, X-Men: The Last Stand and The Incredible Hulk(2008) screenplay will write the script with del Toro.

Also the legendary’s Thomas Tull and Jon Jashni will join forces again with del Toro, Mary Parent and Callum Greene.

However the announcement didn’t mention whether the actors will reprise their roles in the sequel.

Check out the del Toro’s announcement which he mention there will be butt kicking.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – Trailer

The latest trailer from Planet of the Apes is much clearer on what’s install for us. Apes no banana!!

Blended – Review

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymre are back in their latest romantic comedy flick! The chemistry is absolutely awesome.  It’s their third movie together and we are glad it’s nothing like Adam Sandler’s Grown’s Up.

It begins with a simple blind date at Hooters. Now who would bring their date to Hooters? Well Jim did and Lauren was not happy assuming that Jim is a douche. The date ended with Jim’s friend bailing him with a snow avalanche call. Snow avalanche in summer?

Both are single parents with Jim having three daughters and Lauren having two sons. Escaping each other, they soon find themselves in an awkward situation.  Both met each other while shopping for their growing kids. One needs a tampon and another needs a sexy photo.
Soon after each other met, both met each other again to swape back their credit cards which later would lead to important call that would end both of the families going to Africa.

Blended movie (2)In Africa, both families start to bond with other. Lauren start taking the role of a mother in Jim’s family and Lauren start taking the role of a father. Ofcourse in the beginning both were a little discomfort but soon found the need of it.
The movie which features Shaquille O’Neal and Terry Crew is absolutely funny and must not to be missed by Adam’s and Drew’s fans.

Plot: 6.5/10
Imax: No

Remarks: Adam Sandlers’s and Drew Barrymore’s fan will definitely loves this movie. It’s the third time the two has work together and every time is they produces a brilliant movie. Not to be missed.

Jason Momoa is Aquaman?

The Game of Thrones star, Jason Momoa is rumored playing Aquaman in the latest DC Comics movie Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Warner Bros. and reps for Momoa has refuse to comment on that matter.

Previously the character has been played by Alan Ritchison in Smallville, Justin Hartley in CW’s Aquaman tv series, and Adrian Grenier in HBO Entourage. To be honest, Jason’s body build is suitably for the role but his acting is what we worries. He has not really shine in most movie he acted like for example Conan the Barbarian and Bullet to the head with Sylvester Stallone.


Even his role in Game of Throne hardly had any dialogues beside screaming and having sex.

Guardians of the Galaxy – Trailer

The new trailer looks even better than the previous trailers that came out. It has more ‘ingredient’ but it that said so could it be that Guardians of the Galaxys would rival the Avengers or is this movie would just be a stepping base for the next Avengers?

Transformers: AGE OF EXTINCTION – “Dinobot” Trailer

On the weekend we was please to watch the latest trailer of Transformers: Age of Extinction and man it was awesome. In the trailer focuses on Dinobot and it was pure AWESOMENESS. Watch it here.

Sin City 2 – Trailer

Eva Green and Jessica Alba is smoking hot!!!No forgetting Rosario Dawson.

Sin City 2 – Trailer

Eva Green and Jessica Alba is smoking hot!!!No forgetting Rosario Dawson.

New Disney Lion King Spin-Off

It’s been 20 years since the Lion King movie came out and now the cat’s will be return in a TV spin-off called The Lion Guard. It’s expected to be ready somewhere next year.
The spin off will focus on Kion, second son of Simba and Nala. The Son would be leading a group called the Lion Guard to protect the Pride Lands. Timon, Pumbaa, Rafiki, Zazu, Kiara and also Mufasa will be in the spin off. However the focus would surrounding the members of the Guard; a cheetah, a hippo, an egret and a honey badger.

With the TV spin-off, could we expect a movie after that? We really would love to see that. Let’s hope and pray.