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“Having a blast” – Batman vs Superman

While we are still guessing what’s the plot and outcome of the movie, it seems Bruce Wayne is a having a good time filming it. No official picture has been out on the Batman suits and so far Affleck has only been seen as Bruce Wayne.

Sources are claiming that the action is all taking place on a seaside port after the sun has set. Also believe to be in place is the The Batmobile as the scene involves some chasing and crazy stunts. One of the stunt involves The Dark Knight standing on a 40 plus story crane and all done by a stunt double.

During an interview on September 3th, the Agro producer acknowledge that he is “having a blast” working on the film.


BIG HERO 6 – TV Spot

Big Hero 6 is looking promising from Disney and we can’t wait for November for the movie to be released.