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The Hobbit : The Battle of the Five Armies – Review


If epic action movies ever had to take an exam, The Battle of the Five Armies would ace it.

Will Bard save his people? Will Gandalf survive?

Will Bard save his people? Will Gandalf survive?

The 3rd and final part of the epic trilogy that is The Hobbit, is arguably the best one among the 3 movies, filled with high paced action sequences from the beginning till the end. A running time of roughly 2 and a half hours makes this the shortest Hobbit movie. This is clearly seen as the movie at times, does feel rushed when certain scenes could have been slowed down to let the depth of the story be felt by the audience. Filled with intense CGI-filled action, it’s best viewed in 3D or IMAX. Brilliant display of acting by the whole cast with standout performances by Richard Armitage and Luke Evan. The depth of each and every character is complemented by the impressive musical score by Howard Shore.


I am fire. I. AM. DEATH!

I am fire. I. AM. DEATH!

The Battle of the Five Armies starts off exactly where it ended in The Hobbit : The Desolation of Smaug,
Smaug (Benedict Cumberbatch) begins to burn Lake Town to ashes but his reign of terror is rather short lived as Bard (Luke Evans) manages to slay the dragon with a well placed shot with the Black Arrow. However, it is still too late as the damage has already been done to Lake Town and the only option for those who survived to keep surviving would be to seek refuge in the abandoned town of Dale up on Erebor, better known as the Lonely Mountain.



High up on Erebor, Thorin (Richard Armitage) is losing his mind to the corruption of greed. With barely any concern for those around him, Thorin tirelessly searches for the jewel of the dwarf kings, The Arkenstone. Unknown to him, the Arkenstone had already been found and is kept hidden by Bilbo (Martin Freeman). Bilbo contemplates about revealing the Arkenstone but is advised not to by Thorin’s uncle as the dragon’s greed is becoming more apparent within Thorin.

Elrond being a complete bad ass.

Elrond being a complete bad ass.

Meanwhile in Dol Guldur, Galadriel (Cate Blanchett) and the other White Council members, Elrond (Hugo Weaving) & Saruman (Christopher Lee) stages an attempt to rescue Gandalf (Ian McKellan) & Radagast (Sylvester McCoy) but is confronted by the Necromancer who Gandalf has already confirmed as Sauron. With probably the best action scene in the entire Hobbit series, we get to see Elrond & Saruman fight off the 9 Kings of Men, who would later be known in the Lord of the Rings movies as the Nazgul.

Azog & his horde of Orcs

Azog & his horde of Orcs

As Thorin loses his sanity, the Lonely Mountain soon becomes a battleground for the Battle of the Five Armies.
For those of you wondering who the five armies are, here goes : The Men of Lake Town led by Bard, The Elves of Mirkwood led by Thranduil (Lee Pace), The Dwarves of Iron Hill led by Dain (Billy Connolly), The Orcs of Moria & Gundabad led by Azog (Manu Bennett) and the Great Eagles of the Misty Mountains.

There's not gonna be another Hobbit/Lord of the Rings movie!?

There’s not gonna be another Hobbit/Lord of the Rings movie!?

Well, that’s a wrap.
Not only for this review but for the Hobbit trilogy as well as any more movies based on Middle Earth / Tolkien series by the talented, Peter Jackson.

So tell me,

“Will you follow me, one last time?”

– Dev

Iron Man’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron Suit

Last October when the first Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer we got see many new and old character. Also we got to see some new costume upgrades namely Captain America and Thor. We are still waiting to see Black Widow’s upgrade in detail. Most significant was Iron Man’s suit. We saw 2 suits, one is the Hulk Buster and the other is Mark XLIII. As some might remember, in Iron Man 3 destroyed all his suit including his so call prodigal son; Mark XLII.

The detail of the new suit, Mark XLIII was reveal by Hot Toys earlier today and it looks stunning. Hot Toys is the official licenced toy maker for Marvel so the details would be be close to accurate.


The prominent detail would be the color. Mark XLII had more gold on the chest area. The rest looks some what similar beside the arm wrist weapon launcher.

Other than that we will need to wait until the next trailer or the movie itself for the new upgrade armor.


Blackhat – Trailer

A man is released from prison to help American and Chinese authorities pursue a mysterious cyber criminal. The dangerous search leads them from Chicago to Hong Kong. The concept is like Swordfish and Enemy of the State combine with the Chinese in between. A brilliant plot so far with Chris Hemsworth’s overbearing Thor attitude coating the character. So far there has been only 2 trailer and both looks promising.

First FEMALE Ghostbuster?

Yes, we might be expecting the first FEMALE Ghostbuster and it’s non other than  Rebel Wilson.  Rebel Wilson famous for her work in Pitch Perfect shared her meeting with NBC’s The Today Show.

She tells that she has met with director Paul Feig in what is believed to be as an all-female reboot. Few months back, Bill Murray opens up with Variety he didn’t felt that right about the third movie as in it’s script and plot. However rumors has been circling around that he might make cameo appearance.

When the Avengers sing’s a Christmas carol

It’s that time again where the office will be full with Christmas spirit and start singing those Christmas carol and then there were The Avengers singing them.


Kingsman: The Secret Service – Trailer

The new Kingsman trailer looks bad **s. The F’ word still follows Samuel J.

Horrible Bosses 2 – Review

After surviving with their lives in the previous movie, the trio are back but this time to start their own business. Nick, Dale and Kurt came up with their own devices called The Shower Buddy. However the three gets con by a slick investor  and the three are back with their own dirty plan to get even and save their company back.


Following up from the their previous movie, the funny guys return for another misadventure. Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis is just fed up with their 9 to 5 job that they want to be someone rich. Thus the idea to have their own company. They have the idea and they start looking for someone who would buy the idea. Christoph Waltz, who plays Bert Hansons and Chris Pine who plays the spoil rich boy Rex Hansons.

Bert Hansons’s idea was basically to screw up the trio and buy their company at a way cheaper price.  Ofcourse the trio was a little dumb in just believing the business man only on his word and without anything in writing. The twist on the movie was very direct and not as how the first movie were. The first movie was more twisting and accidental while the second, unfortunately was very direct. Come on, could you believe someone word and start taking a half million loan? Exactly right.
HORRIBLE BOSSES 2To get even with the Hanson’s, they meet up with their old friend – M**her**ckerJones on how to get back their investment which it a little lame. If they would have brought in a new character with a different background story, the story would have been interesting.

HORRIBLE BOSSES 2As the decide to kidnap the Rex and blackmail the father, the plot becomes a little out of place. Unlike the previous movie where the three looks a little innocent, the follow up looks a like they want to be innocent and not mature up. Not doubt the movie is funny, however some part in our opinion could have been plan better.

Honestly we wanted to see more of Christoph but it seems he was really saving his voice. Not much action and dialogue, they just killed the character in the most cheapest way.

All on all the movie do deliver the laughter but however do not follow up to it’s previous movie.

Plot: 4.5/10
Imax/3D: Just stick on 2D

The Last Five Years – Official Trailer

Adapted from Jason Robert Brown’s stage musical by Richard LaGravanese, is the story of the love affair between struggling actress Cathy Hiatt (Kendrick) and up and coming novelist Jamie Wellerstein (Jeremy Jordan), The Last Five Years is all about singing.

Fantastic Four Plot Synopsis

Even thou we are still a long way to go for Fantastic Four, it seems it’s not stopping Marvel from coming out a single paragraph synopsis of the movie.
Unlike the previous movie, it’s not about a group of astronauts who gain superpowers after a cosmic radiation exposure, they are rather scientist. Also the new movie will feature Franklin Storm;  the father of The Invisible Woman and The Human Torch. Not sure on how the father will be position in the movie but most probably a single parent. Harvey Elder will be in aswell. Harvey is the infamous Moleman in Marvel comics

A young Reed Richard and a young Ben Grimmwill be in aswell and most probably there would be a slight flash back on how they both came to be best friend.

Ben-Hur’s heroin – Nazanin Boniadi

Finally Timur Bekmambetov’s Ben Hur has it’s female lead and it’s none other than Homeland‘s actress; Nazanin Boniadi. You might remember her aswell in the first Iron Man, few episode of How I Met Your Mother and The Charlie Wilson’s War as a Pakistani refugee.

Nazanin Boniadi

Born in Tehran, Iran she was raised and educated in London, England. She studied medicine at first but however changed her career to acting in 2006.

The new Ben Hur also features Ben-Hur Toby Kebbell, Morgan Freeman and Olivia Cooke.