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Cooties – Review


The Gist of It:
Not the best movie for Elijah Wood but it’s watchable movie. However please be advise, the movie is a rated 18 and for a good reason. The amount of blood and cooties, will just creep you out like our writer.
The story is about Clint a struggling writer who is trying to find his magic in writing. Ofcourse it don’t come easy and while he wait for his graduation letter from Hogwart, Clint works as a substitute teacher at his old school. We can figure as much that he wasn’t one of the popular one’s. As Clint, enter the school he encounters with several unreal situation. Ofcourse he will bump into a girl whom he knew and we can predict how this ends.

Directed by 2 new directors, Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion the movie didn’t enough have a steady feet to stand on. In the beginning itself, Elijah was put down and portrait as a person who is unsuccessful and the problem was that they tried so hard to get that idea alone visualize. The same case, when introducing other characters such as Rainn Wilson, Alison Phil and others. So when this happens, the movie basically was predictable and killed the suspense’s.

However a zombie apocalypse with kids as the zombie is something we would give credit. The movie do relate to current lifestyle with teachers telling students not to do that but only to find the teachers themselves are doing it. The blood spills and gut spilling is a definite for the chicken hearted as it is excessive.
But that is balance with presence of Rainn Wilson whose character is similar to his signature work in ‘The Office’, Jack McBrayer and even Jorge Garcia. They mellow the violent with their funny self.


It wouldn’t be our first choice a apocalypse movie but it’s in our top 50 which it’s gruesome killing method and ofcourse the creepy disgusting approach of killing human.


Spectre theme song

Finally the the new Bond theme tune sang Sam Smith is out. What do you think?

Credit to Radio 1

The Intern – Review


The Gist of It:
Anne Hathaway’s and Robert De Niro’s new movie surely has some good ingredient mixed up. The Intern is about a old man who feels useless with current life style and decide to get on wagon and get a job as an intern. The unconventional method of a company hiring a 70 years intern is done by Jules Ostin’s company;  an online store that is founded and wholly run by Jules.
The movie is directed Nancy Meyers, a genius when it comes to modernization of the story and engaging with the audiences. The attention to details to Robert’s character; Ben Whitaker is something of Nancy Meyers signature work. While Robert’s character is in spotlight, Anne’s was seemed to be someone we know. Her character is a workaholic and scrupulous to her products reminded us of her character in ‘The Devils Wear Prada’ and ‘Brokeback Mountain’ combined.
So Ben is a 70 years old widower who is now an intern at Jules company. Even being 70 years old, he respect to his job is something rare these days. Everyday he wakes up sharp at 6 a.m and always wear a suit to work no matter what the job requirement was. His determination and discipline is something to be admired and well portrait by De Niro. Robert De Niro has been known to play serious character and always involves with guns or police or violence, but in this movie there is cops but he didn’t have to go all macho and save the world. He was still a 70 years old man, wears a suit every time and always respected his superior. Remember, old is gold.

As the company grows so is Jules responsibility but however due to her attention to detail skill; she ain’t sharing any of the responsibility with anyone and takes on the world by herself. Ofcourse something will fall down by the cracks as time is not her best friend. As she calmly tries to fight the battle quietly but inside she is screaming and that’s when Ben’s years of life experience came in handy.
We see the Robert as a father figure in a corporate world despite his position in the company. The Intern expresses the way that modern people communicate and how empowering women are when given a correct opportunity.




A realist movie about our current social life. The old gets left behind while the young is too busy  making life on Facebook and not interacting with each other. Not a your one sided movie where the hero is always right but rather the realization of logic that life is easier if it’s shared and understood.
Not to be missed for those Nancy Meyers fans.

Man of Steel 2 = Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

After Man of Steel came out in 2013, the next question would be when will Man of Steel 2 will be out and what’s the plot and everything else. Zack Snyder has just clear the issue during the QnA with Canoe.

“I think in a way Batman v Superman is Man of Steel 2. Justice League is kind of the transcendent, knights-of-the-round-table of the story. It’d be interesting to think about what a standalone Superman movie might be.”


This basically contradict with Henry Cavill’s statement back in July saying that there would be a solo focus on his character. Superman has not one enemy but many and one the fans favorite is Lex Luthor in which we have seen Batman v Superman and it’s played by Jessie Eisenberg. 

The follow up question would, will this concept be applied to all DC Comics movies such as Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and others?

Sicario – Review

The meaning of Sicario is a hitman often hired by Latin American mafias to kill someone and that’s how you will understand the entire plot of the movie. If you have watched Narco tv series(It’s about the life of Pablo Escobar), you will understand clearly what’s the problem the American’s are facing.


Synopsis (Warning: May contain spoilers, duh!) 

The Gist of It: Sicario which comprises Josh Brolin, Benicio Del Toro, Jon Bernthal and Emily Blunt is about a personal fight of each individual to combat against the drug cartels. An emotional acting by Emily Blunt and the ice cold character by Benicio Del Toro makes it an even match and with Josh Brolin’s smart ass attitude just completes the movie.


Kate Mercer has been combating the drug cartels ever since she joined the 5-0. However her recorded of busting all the cases seems to be good, she in the other hand don’t feel the same. The rookie feels that what ever she action is, it’s don’t even scratch the surface of the drug problems.
Her actions however got noticed by the higher ups and thats when Matt(incharge of a special task to put an end to the drug problems) met Kate. His methods seems questionable but however so far it has been effective.



Together with Alenjandro – Matt’s counterpart from Columbia, both men use Kate for her intelligent of the local area and her skills. Kate however has some issue with Alenjandro which she can’t put on what is that. Is that she feels Matt and Alenjandro is hiding a different motive.

CR- Review

Even thou as audience, you might think the story is about Kate but the geniuses behind the film manages to twist the focus of the film. Well that is what you get when Denis Villeneuve is directing the movie. Denis has been critical in his movies and so far it has serve him well. Sicario is taken to a different height thanks to actors in it especially  Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro. Josh who plays Matt seemed to be a happy go lucky person but in actual is a critical thinker and what seemed to be a waste a time to others is actually his method in gathering info and getting one step ahead. Same goes to Benicio who plays Alenjandro – at first you think he is on your side all along but just when you get close to him, he just turn around and bite you. sicario2
If you love guns, drugs and drama this is the movie for you


Despite it’s low marketing on this movie(for good reason, there is crazy shoot outs in this movie) it a movie you must not miss. Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro acting is top notch and must not to be missed. Emily Blunt in our opinion is looks blur like how always look but it’s acceptable.

Rating: 8.0/10
Favourite Line: “Providing a measure of order that we could control”


Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

The second installment of Maze Runner is here and it’s continues the saga of what is the purpose of the maze. The second part of Maze Runner will clarify to Thomas and others purposes in the Glades.

Synopsis (Warning: May contain spoilers, duh!) 

The Gist of It: In short there would be alot running and it’s continues from where they left us. The Scorch Trials explains more on the condition that they are in and Thomas view on the mess that they are in.


The part of The Maze Runner left us with a bunch of people saving Thomas and others and we saw also how the so call “WICKED” kinda orchestrated the entire maze. Thomas being himself; a self-conscious  and super nosy brat, still has his doubt on the entire saving part done by Janson(Aidan Gillen) and his mens.

Thomas quickly learnt that Janson and his men didn’t really save them and but rather was just securing their investment for the next stage. WICKED and Janson are harvesting the uninfected – in which Thomas and others are for a particular body part. Thomas ofcourse didn’t like the idea and burst out of Janson’s holding.



Thomas and others soon understood what was The Scorch that Janson meant and they continue their escapes towards the mountains in hoping of meeting legendary Right Arms. Their journey would require them to cross the unpredictable dessert.


Just when they thought they escaped the dessert, they encounter Jorge. Jorge an independent business man who loves to work with WICKED. However Jorge’s intention to do business with WICKED comes to an end when he found out that Thomas and others are trying to locate the Right Arms. Confident with Thomas’s leverage, Jorge and Brenda helps Thomas escape WICKED.

After a while of running and searching, Thomas and others finally meets the Right Arms. But it wasn’t that pleasant at first. Just when Thomas thought all problems from WICKED will fade away, guess who comes banging at their lawn; none other then WICKED – thanks to a certain girl.

CR- Review

Continuing where the first part left, the transition was flawless. Director Wess Ball really didn’t change the concept from the first part of it which really the real winner. The continues focus on Thomas as the main guy was a little too much but it all connects. Really wanted to see Minho as single individual that wasn’t overshadowed by Thomas.
Teresa character actually reminded us of Kristen Stewart actually. So quite but when she opens her mouth or do something it only ends up bad.

The suspense that of the movie is constant and just when you think it’s over, guess what? It’s not. Usually the second movie of a novel based is due to flop but however The Scorch Trial manages to pull out that category and be better.
Rating: 7.5/10
Favourite Line: “You’re not… her. You could never be her.”

The Transporter Refueled – Review

Frank Martin returns as a “Transporter”, delivering unknown items to unknown customers. The new transporter is Ed Skrein, who is famously known for his acting in Game of Thrones as Daario Naharis. Previously Frank Martin was played by the seriousJason Statham, Ed Skrein has a huge shoe to fill.


Synopsis (Warning: May contain spoilers, duh!) 

The Gist of It: A band of bandits decides to hire Frank Martin(Ed Skrein) for his skills in driving and getting his goods delivered to where ever they wish. The serious Frank Martin of course accepts the request and impress the banditos. The bandits decides to use Frank’s services but this time didn’t ask the proper way instead, they took his father.


Frank Martin a former special-ops mercenary, is now just a driver. But not your normal type of driver, he drives high profile items for those who wants it to delivered without any questions
Everything just turn around for this good looking hunk when Frank’s father (Ray Stevenson) decides to drop by in in the south of France. What was suppose to be father and son bonding session been absurdly cancelled thanks to a hot but deadly chicks. They want him to be the driver for their crazy robbery and they just know how to make Frank say yes.

Using his signature Audi, he cut through traffics like better and scramble the Russian’s who is chasing him. However the Russians are not that easily tamed and Frank have to work slightly harder.
CR- Review

The Transporter franchise without Jason Statham, so how was it? To be honest, nothing has changed. Unfortunately the director (Camille Delamarre) still unable to lift The Transporter brand to a new height beside having a new lead actor. Ed Skrein is a solid guy but still unable to carry the title up.


It’s just another installment with just a new face and new car.

Rating: 3.0/10
Favourite Line: – None –


The Danish Girl – Trailer

The remarkable love story inspired by the lives of artists Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener. Lili and Gerda’s marriage and work evolve as they navigate Lili’s groundbreaking journey as a transgender pioneer. A highly doubt movie that will reach the shore of Malaysia’s movie theaters even thou we believe it’s gonna be a good movie.