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DC’s most hyped movie is here. The Bat of Gotham and The Son of Krypton finally settle their differences in an epic battle which seriously took us by surprise. Yes DC Comics and Warner Bros is late to the party but they are making sure they leave victorious. In 2013, Zack delivered Man of Steel which saw he rewamping the entire franchise and leading straight to Justice League. But how did BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE™ continue that path.

The Gist of It:

After the incident of the invasion of the Kryton’s, The Bat was awaken from his long slumber. The devastation our the city which killed thousands and left hundreds cripple really sent a clear message that the black cape is needed again. So he begins his terror of justice and his aim at sight, killing a GOD.
Clark Kent a.k.a Superman however wasn’t that heroic after the Metropolis alien war. He is still finding his footing over the war that he brought over. With his father advise in mind, he constantly remind himself why he help others and not ignore them.

While the two are still in their own world, there is another power brewing. Lex Luthor slowly makes his move trying to change the table of Superman. Studying not only Clark’s weakness but Bruce Wayne’s weakness and other meta-humans.


Well who are the Meta Humans? Well it’s the rest of the Justice League; Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg. All with super human strength in which Lex finds them a threat. Those who has more power over him.


DC’s game plan seems to have alot going on and all aim for the few movies under the DC banner. BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE™ has multiple element going on. We have Zack SnyderChristopher Nolan, Frank Miller and Geoff Johns all in one pot.
The Batman concept we believe comes from Christopher and Frank as Chris wants that dark element going on such as not smiling unnecessary(The scene where Clark’s meets Bruce) or when he ran towards the collapsing building during the Superman battle with Zod. However was more towards Batman’s mindset. Why he had to take down Superman?What was his motivation? That was all Frank’s recipe. Not to mention the fight scene was something Frank would think off. Honestly Bruce Wayne character is like the comics, it’s like he just pop up the comic book.
Clark Kent a.k.a Superman was all Zack’s work which did fall a little short compared to the solid Batman profile. Zack keep repeating the same thing with Superman – he is focus now and unfocused later and require a girl console him. 🙁 For a man of steel he sure has a heart of a teddy bear.
As they try to merge everything together, they did leave behind certain points and was confusing for the unfamiliar of the comic. Like what is the hatred of Lex towards the heroes and why did name Martha could stop Batman from killing Superman. It seems so fragile at one point where once the two was enemies and now they are best friends and saving mothers and all. Honestly that part did disappoint us.
But the battle between them was awesome even thou there was alot of CGI going on. Finally the battle we all want to watch and finally killing all speculation.


Yes, it is a must watch movie. How could you miss this? Anyway, the movie do has alot of Easter Egg such as the  a future Flash warning Bruce. Oh yes.
You get to see the Batmobile in proper action(one of our favorite scene) and a little note from The Joker. The possibilities is endless and that is what Zack wanted us to do, speculate.
The evolution of Batman and Superman is up current and something that represent now.

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Lobo coming soon?

Screenwriter Jason Fuchs has been approached by Warner Brothers to work their next upcoming movie LOBO. Well who is Lobo?

Lobo a.k.a Mister Machete is a bounty hunter and one of the best. His arch nemesis is non other but the the man of steel. He is practically like Superman but without the cape and yes sir. Lobo looks is rugged and no manners at all.

Getting back to the screenwriting,  The Wrap has reported that Fuchs is working on it. So far, Warner Bros. has not announced anything. Few years back Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was sitting down with them regarding playing the biker riding anti-hero but it felt through and recently announced he is playing Black Adam.

At current Fuchs has written Pan(2015) and Ice Age: Continental Drift.


Fearing the actions of Superman are left unchecked, Batman takes on Superman, while the world wrestles with what kind of a hero it really needs. With Batman and Superman fighting each other, a new threat, Doomsday, is created by Lex Luthor. It’s up to Superman and Batman to set aside their differences along with Wonder Woman to stop Lex Luthor and Doomsday from destroying Metropolis.
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KUNG FU PANDA 3 – Review

The third installment of the Panda who Kung Fu, Kung Fu 3. Well the story will take Po back to his home village and find his true panda self.


The Gist of It:

The Dragon Warrior is on top of his game. Having awesome endorsement, action figures and most importantly good friends. However one fine day, a much older Panda came to his village looking for his long lost son. Obviously Po is his son and the two is reunited. Excited and happy he shares with Panda father what he has achieve, the Jade Palace and most importantly; his Kung Fu.


However his father wasn’t feeling that proud looking at his son facing danger daily as a profession. He is worried. At the as time this problem was brewing; another trouble from the past emerges and his name is …….Kai. We know it’s not that bad **s but the character which is voiced by J.K. Simmons is totally a bad news. Kai wants to conquer the world as usual with any other villain.
The storyline looks solid but Po’s character was a little shallow unlike the first and second installment where you could feel the disappointment and sadness. The third installment just feels like another TV series. The time around they centralizes the important of unity and family which is good with the kids.
The movie do have new character such as Master Chicken and Master Bear which was refreshing. The jokes are still there but Jack Black need to come out this closest funny movie. It is no longer working for him like Adam Sandler.


Unlike the previous movie, Tigress has lesser dialogues but the circle of the movie is still the same. When ever Po is in trouble, Tigress would be one that Po will listen etc. Mantis, Monkey, Viper and Crane are still side character even Crane, Mantis and Monkey did got a proper screen time which is nice.

All in all, it’s a good family movie. The jokes were on par and character were interesting. Recommended as family movie.

Favourite Line: “Tigress is actually flameable”

Rey from StarWars to be the new Lara Croft

It has been a good 15 years since Tomb Raider came raiding into the big screen and into our hearts. Now the Lara Croft is looking for a new face and MGM and Warner Bros are eyeing at one particular lady, Daisy Ridley. Daisy the current sweetheart of the Star Wars franchise is being listed as possible candidate.

Ofcourse that wouldn’t be easy as Daisy is committed member of the Star Wars movie. Directing the new reboot is Roar Uthaug; a Norwegian director who last year directed the movie The Wave.

But would Daisy would suit the dare daring character? Lara Croft, an archaeologist and a gun slinging addict – is an apposite of Daisy’s Star Wars character; Rey. Uthaug a fan of the Tomb Raider games has outlined that the new movie would be inspire from the current game.

Gods of Egypt – Review

 Egyptian Gods are getting better closure. After a little drop of the Gods in The Mummy, well finally they have their own movie. Something like the Greek Gods movie such as The Wrath of Titans, Clash of the Titans and latest Percy Jackson. However does the movie come up to the same level of those movie? Well lets find out.


The Gist of It:

So the story is that Horus to be King but however on that auspicious day, Seth killed his elder brother Osiris and took the throne for himself. In the process he blinded Horus by taking both of his eyes and enslaving the other Gods. Horus is banish and Seth rules.
But however there is a twist, a love story between Bek and Zaya – humans. Under the Seth reign, Zaya was killed after Bek went and stole Horus’s eye in Seth’s treasure chamber. Believing that Horus could bring back Zaya to life, Bek helps Horus to retrieve his other eye.

Now the idea is good, talking about Horus fighting against Seth for the throne. However the direction of the movie side track. It has to many main ingredients in which later just confused the movie goers.
We have the good looking Jaime Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Lannister as Horus and Spartan King Gerard Butler as Seth; both top of their game but their acting is very expected. Something we have seen in all their movie like Game of Throne, The Other Women, Gamer and The Bounty Hunter. Nikolaj is a sweet talker while Gerrard is just brute. Some how is the story line with this actors? Unfortunately it’s poorly constructed.

GodsOfEgypt_DOM_Trailer2_1080pV2 0873.tif

You see the Gods of Egypt if by the book it’s suppose to be hardcore. For example Osiris, Horus’s dad is not suppose to die that easy. But however in the movie, he was easily defeated and killed by Seth. We understand the need to improvise but atleast have some cover story for what is Osiris. You see, the Egyptian Gods don’t have much air time like the Greek Gods. So the foundation to educate is a must. The cover story should have been elaborated instead of just Horus’s bad lifestyle.

GodsOfEgypt_DOMTrlr1_Texted_HD 3305.tif

Yes, this is a direct case of bad directorship of a Egyptian son, Alex Proyas. One of the movie which is under his belt is I, Robot. Now I, Robot was a good movie, even though it was full with fx. What made it different? Well I, Robot was produce by 20th Century – explains the good movie. So in this case, Gods of Egypt was produce by Alex himself. So do the math yourself.


One of those movie that is a Fantastic 4 case. Remember when the trailer of the latest Fantastic 4 came out and we were so pump up and the movie was like a dead cabbage.
We thought it was gonna be good especially with the transformation part but it was just meeh.

Favourite Line: “Stay close”