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Dunkirk- Review

Christopher Nolan best work to date! Yes, we said it. It’s a war movie but it wasn’t about the war. Dunkrik is story of the war at Belgium and at the time the British and France were retreating and how the soldiers were trying to stay alive. When all seem lost, hope was the only thing that kept them alive and Christopher Nolan was a genius portraying the situation and the feeling of the soldiers.
It was definitely not a sci-fi movie like Interstellar but by watching it somewhat does remind you of Nolan’s experimental style. Shot’s from 3 different view; the air, on the water and on the beach and all is subsequent combined to give you this summary of the war, hope and heroism.
The movie which was shot in 70mm to give that excellent quality and did paid off. The details of the movie was incredible and even better was the atmosphere brought in by Nolan. What was suppose to be a panic and out of control moments; it was lifted up in crafty way. He took the Imax technology to another different level in which Michael Bay might need to learn a thing or two.

What is Dunkirk? Dunkirk is a place in France which near to the border of Belgium. At the time of war, this is location where the Allied Forces had to evacuate their forces from the Germans. The place was a graveyard and lost hope and the Germans was attacking heavily. Nolan was able to capture those moments in both emotional and physically landscape.

For war film enthusiast, this must best on top of your list and Dunkirk is already in the same range with Saving Private Ryan, The Longest Day and Black Half Down. For the best experience we would recommend you watch it on IMAX.

The Salesman – Review

Death of a Salesman, is the winner of 1949 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and Tony Award for Best Play. The Salesman, isn’t about that award winning story but instead the life of the actor and actress who is playing in a theater production of Death of a Salesman.

The movie circulates around Emad and Rana who is a married couple. Emad plays Willy Loman and Rana plays Linda. While everything is going well for the both in the beginning, one night after moving to their new apartment – Rana was attacked and raped.
This is where Asghar Farhadi dares to leap to another level of filming in Iran. Asghar was able to beautifully paint the lives and the taboo of this social problem without missing the key element of it. He opens the world eyes on what is happening there and how it affects the people there. The characters of Emad and Rana perfectly portrait the atmoshepre of a such situation and didn’t flinch.
The characters Emad who is determine is find out what happened to his wife, the wife in the other hand wasn’t in the same page. She was traumatise and believes that finding out who did that to her will just hurt her more.
The plot and story direction was incredible in which director and writer Asghar Farhadi should be given a pat on the back.
The Salesman has won the 2017 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film and will be screening exclusively in 4 GSC locations, ie GSC Mid Valley, GSC Pavilion KL, GSC 1 Utama & GSC Gurney Plaza Penang.

War For The Planet of The Apes – Review

Finally the end of the Planet of The Apes saga which was rebooted 6 years back. War For The Planet of The Apes concludes the rise of the apes and now a war to end it all and Matt Reeves certainly end it gracefully.

What could be the unique part of this version of The Planet of Apes of how consistent the main character is. The build up from the previous movie did not fade off and it’s development is simply wonderful. Caesar, played by Andy Serkis – was the ultimate leader that would  put to shame some of our current leaders.
Continuing 2 years after the Dawn, Caesar tries to find way avoid unnecessary clashes with humans. However humans are not only their problem as other apes who was previously loyal to Koba has decided to go against Caesar. Making it worst they have join a Colonel who leads an army called the Alpha-Omega.

The returning director really played this out well making sure the focus was on the war but buttering the effect of it was the previous installment. Moving it out of the previous installment didn’t had any loose ends and the new chapter has a better start.
The locations were like scenes from Walking Dead and it compliment the entire scenes through out the movie. How civilization is destroyed and post apocalyptic of it. But the biggest twist of the movie isn’t because the apes has taken over the world but rather what is happening to the humans.

From the beginning of it, every part had a proper progress and how the director ends the movie, was something that you could never take off your mind. This movie is all about characteristic of human and animal. How its related are we to each other when it comes to that crossroad. Matt manage to show clearly that we are no different from each other but sometimes it’s important to control the animal side at all time. This movie should be in your “Must watch movie before you die” movie list.