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Paddington 2 – Review

I was hugely surprised at just how good the first film was and was tentatively cautious when this sequel was green-lighted that perhaps it might cheapen Michael Bond’s beloved family friendly creation.

However, fear not, for this sequel is absolutely terrific on all levels. Firstly it is as funny and witty and as brilliantly animated as the first film. The excellent cast from the first film is also enhanced by a superb turn from Hugh Grant, who hasn’t been as good as he is here in a long time. In fact it is quite clear to the viewer that Grant is thoroughly enjoying himself by playing against type and sending himself up as a faded egotistical actor and total cad who sets Paddington up to be the fall guy (or should that be Bear?) for a dastardly deed. There is a touch of the pantomime villain to his performance, but it works splendidly and it fits his character perfectly.
Maybe it could have been ever so slightly longer and would have again liked to have seen more of Mr Curry and his acrimonious relationship with Paddington. Everything else is magic.

‘Paddington 2’ once again looks great. It’s beautifully shot and vibrant in design with a little bit of grit and Paddington as to be expected couldn’t have looked more perfect. The music score is suitably soothing, rousing and whimsical, while the direction keeps things moving at a bright and breezy pace. A pace that never slows down but doesn’t ever feel too hasty either.

A large part of that is the character of Paddington himself. Can’t fault his design or Ben Whishaw’s beautiful voice acting, nor can one fault his truly adorable personality, absolutely love how he tries to still remain even in the grimmest of situations and he is easy to root for and love throughout. The story may on the slight side structurally but has a lot going on, without being cluttered, that makes it very much eventful and to me there weren’t any tonal issues.

Every ounce of the heart, charm and fun seen in ‘Paddington’ is here and everybody gets a chance to shine, especially Mr Brown and Mrs Bird of Paddington’s family. The new characters are great additions, with a superior villain and the character of the cook Knuckles being one of the film’s nicest surprises. Only Mr Curry could have been done better.


Justice League – Review

Finally, DC’s Justice League is finally here. The crime fighting group consisting of Batman, Wonderwomen, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg will combine their power to fight Steppenwolf – an evil ancient being feared by both the Amazonian and Atlantean. After of all the hype of the movie, will it finally give the DC the edge the require to kick Marvel of the chart?

It starts off with Superman’s death. Everyone is moaning of his death. However one particular person isn’t, Bruce Wayne a.k.a Batman. He was worried of the implication of Man of Steel’s death towards the world. He start recruiting. He start looking for the meta-human and he finds them. The conventional method of finding just pro-long the movie time and honestly it was a little too much finding. Never the less, Bruce Wayne played by your truly Ben Affleck seems very in touch with his feeling unlike BVS – he is more restrain. Maybe Zack wanted Batman to be regretful of his action of killing Superman?
Wonderwoman picks off quite beautifully with Diana Prince being herself. Gal Gadot didn’t spoiled the character at all. She is the perfect fit.
Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg all played by Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller, and Ray Fisher did very well of their first DC movie. First of, Aquaman – we have to give it to Jason for bringing the character so well. I mean his version of Aquaman maybe more GOT ‘like’ but he pull it off good. Even though he didn’t have much dialogue, his action was talking more than required. Next is The Flash a.k.a Ezra Miller. Ezra plays the boyish speedster who not only talk alot but alot aswell. He character could use some more development but Zack tries to stick to the comic. We give him that. Last but not least is Cyborg. Supposedly to have died, he was revived by his father using one of Steppenwolf’s power(box). For Ray Fisher, we have to give him a pat on back for holding on the character  strong. 

Zack Snyder – while he is good in his previous work such Watchmen and 300 the key element was narrating the movie, Justice League in our opinion don’t require that thus making Zack talent in narrating kinda useless. In our opinion this where he lost the movie. His focuses was of place that forgotten to build the character’s background well. We are missing a lot of chunk of The Flash and Cyborg’s life. Even if you read about it, this is totally different than what is in the comic. 
FYI, there 2 post credit after the movie so do wait until the movie really finishes. Quite surprise with some of DC’s direction when it could be. The timeline between BTS and Justice League is to different time thus the confusion for some of the movie goers and comic book fan. One could only pray that JL2 would amend the timeline thus making more sense.

Our verdict of this movie, 4.5/10.

What’s with Tyrese?

For the past several day, Tyrese Gibson – the guy from Fast and Furious has been posting some disturbing Instagram post. Mostly is about his battle custody over his daughter and how his ex-wife is not allowing him to see his daughter Shayla Somer Gibson. His meltdown is not something pretty to watch and it get’s worst when he took a shot at the 2nd richest actor in 2017 – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

He goes on blaming on The Rock for delaying ‘Fast 9’. Tyrese was open about his financial status and we are quoting, ” I’m not crazy, I’m broke!”
It seems the custody is taking a toll on his bank account and he directed his anger towards The Rock for accepting a Hobb movie spinoff.
Just when we thought it couldn’t be any worst, 50 Cents took a shot at Tyrese after reports that Will and Jada Smith did not barrow $5Million dollars. Tyrese was open about receiving it and goes on saying that his is waiting for the Smith’s to wire him the funds for his legal fees. However some sources are saying that no funds were given and they are actually more concerns on his mental health.

50 cents found this entire drama to be funny and decided to up the heat by posting some pictures of Tyrese and Will in which the Bad Boys actor looking so much confused. Adding to heat, is a caption that reads,  “Wait so 😆this fool just made some shit up. LOL Will like I ain’t give him that 😂.”