526-hp Darth Vader Corvette, move it Batmobile

Move aside the Star Wars X-Wing and welcome the the Darth Vader Corvette, a 526-hp car made by Hotwheel specially for the Comic-Con 2014. The car is reportedly uses a C5 base and tuned a   LS3 V-8 with a reworked exhaust system. The car basically could control a man’s mind in short.

The car’s comes in black and has a shape of Darth Vader helmet. The body-panels are made of high quality carbon-fiber and fully drive-able and comes complete with a swooshing sound effect.
Comic-Con-ToysBut of course Bruce Wayne, you have one by purchasing a 1:64 version being sold at Comic-Con for $40. It arrives in a commemorative case that’s shaped like a red lightsaber.
Star Wars fans please be ready as Hot Wheels is also creating cars for all the movie’s characters, and expected to hit stores in October. May the Force be with you and your wallet.


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