7 Days In Entebbe – Review

The film is made in an ordinary, pseudo-documentary fashion, with some shaky-cam footage. However that such charismatic actors such as Daniel Brühl and Rosamund Pike played the terrorists made the film unbelievable and stupid. The dance sequences were non-organically integrated into the film.

The movie repeatedly made reference to Palestine. Well folks, there is no Palestine. Those who follow these issues closely know that Arabs who identify themselves as Palestinians are mistreated and kept in refugee camps by their chosen leaders and their Arab brethren who prefer to continue to use them as political pawns.

The movie, in part, amounts to an unfair and inaccurate effort to demonize Israel. There are presently better movies in the theaters which are more worthy of your time and money.

Also, this film neglects the story of Dora Bloch who was taken from the Entebbe to a hospital in Uganda’s capital and was never seen again, this ‘glossing over’ of her story was I think a sin of omission on the part of the filmmakers and should have been shown.

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