A star is born (2018) Review

Lady Gaga was perfect for and in this role – acting singing, chemistry, song writing – all fantastic. The chemistry between Bradley Cooper and Gaga was believable and, at times, breathtaking.

The film is a joy as it touches your emotions and grows on you from the love of the two central characters and the pain combined with fame and sorrow make this musical drama (the songs are uplifting) a wonderful watch.

Still the love is not without struggle and heartache as Ally becomes famous and well known while Jackson’s music and personal life both take a downward path with alcoholism as he just can’t escape his own dark shadows. It’s like you as the viewer could see the tragedy coming all along.

Overall entertaining film with fine and beautiful music and the on screen chemistry between Bradley and Gaga is in top notch form, as clearly this is one love drama to see that showcases the rise of fame and stardom, also while showing a grim personal downfall.

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