The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Rise of Electo – Review

On the 1st of May, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be released in Malaysia and anticipated fan of the Marvel’s hero will rejoice as their favourite web slinging friend is back.
As Peter Parker fight against himself to keep a promise to a dying man, he also found out his Spidey strength wasn’t just an accident but rather a gift from his father.


Now the start of the movie, Spidey himself is awesome. Andrew Garfield who plays Peter Parker makes the character so loveable. Peter Parker easily handle crimes in New York. Even with his cool side of it, he was fighting with himself – trying to keep that promise he made right before Gwen’s dad died in the first movie.

Remember the interview with MTV(Click Here), it was reveal that Oscorp is the big evil corporation and Harry Osborne has a disease. We also knew how Electro came to life, which was by falling in pole of electric eel. In the movie the chain reaction of all the reveal info came together.

One thing for sure, during this all of that was put together in a non jerky way. However to get there – the movie became a little draggy but acceptable thanks to the CGI and screenplay.

Mr Foxxx who played Electro without a doubt was psychotic and was one hell of a psycho because at one part we wandering is Jamie was acting or just playing natural. The way, Harry Osborne came into the movie was rather forced in our opinion.

While trying to keep his promise to Gwen’s dad, Peter also found out more his father and the research his working and how Oscorp tries remove all unwanted obstacles.

With some question answered Peter was more accepting his faith – however due to this he lost something dearest to him. Who and what he lost, we will let you watch it and find out yourself.





Plot: 7/10
Review: 8.5/10

The movie is a must watch movie for all, not only Marvel fans. The movie is available this 1st May 2014 at GSC and TGV. But we would like to highlight that the movie is much fun to watch IMAX.

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