There have been plenty of Amityville horror movies since the 70’s and here is yet another reboot of the franchise, is it any good? Read on to find out.


Amityville: The Awakening has been in development hell for a long time (pun intended). It was suppose to be released in 2015 and after was pushed back 5 times and after some re-shoot its finally here but its not like everyone was eagerly awaiting it in the first place.

This movie is about the story of the mother, Joan and her 3 children, Belle (Bella Thorne), Juliet and their comatose brother, James (Cameron Monaghan) who move into this old house. Right after moving in, Belle starts to realise there is something creepy about the house and her brother is slowly recovering from his coma state. As with every horror movies, unusual things start to happen at night especially at 3.15am as that’s the time the previous owner of the house killed his entire family 40 years ago. There is no real ghost or demon in the film but just jump scares to keep the audience at the edge of their seats. The brother, played by Cameron Monaghan does a great job towards the end once he is awakened from his state. If you have seen him in Gotham as the Joker, you will know he has the face and eeriness aura around him when he acts. As for the main actress, Bella Thorne is pleasing to the eye and does the usual emo teen with the goth makeup bringing out her real life bad-girl image.


Horror movies have changed tremendously over the past few years especially with the work of James Wan setting the bar for all future horror flicks, so if you were to compare, director Frank Khalfoun (P2, Wrong Turn, Maniac) has a bit of catching up to do if he wants this movie to be memorable. It has plenty of jump scares and would satisfy audiences looking for some thrill to get their heart racing. So, guys do bring your girlfriend



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