Annabelle: Creation – Review

In 2014 we’ve been a slammed down by the Annabelle movie, with meaningless jumpscare zero suspense, zero tension and everything relaying on the ‘ Creepiness’ of the Annabelle doll. Of course let’s not dwell on the past. David F. Sandberg gives us another thrilled ride, but this time with high level of intensity.

The atmosphere it created left me on the edge of the seat the whole movie. Which to me is far better than jump scares! The movie also had very few slow/boring parts if any. Some characters do make stupid decisions which can be frustrating, but same goes for all movies. All the actors in the film were really good, which surprised me since most are so young. They’re are a few hidden Easter eggs throughout the film that fans of Annabelle and the Conjuring series will probably notice, which was really neat/surprising to see! This movie also ties in perfectly the the first film in a very surprising way that made the crowd of the theater actually gasp in shock.

Overall: There are no standout scenes that will make you not want to go to bed, but it serves its purpose as a horror movie and is entertaining enough in its last part to please an audience.


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