Why did Ant-Man got postpone?

Last week we were shocked with the news of  Edgar Wright’s departure from Marvel. However more news to follow up to why he left. Director Edgar Wright is the producer Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Ant-Man-Teaser-Trailer-1“Marvel and Edgar Wright jointly announced today that the studio and director have parted ways on ANT-MAN due to differences in their vision of the film,” a statement read. “The decision to move on is amicable and does not impact the release date on July 17, 2015. A new director will be announced shortly.”

Now rumours are going around that the reason Edgar left the project is because Marvel asked other writers to rewrite his script-without any input from Edgar. It seems that Marvel was not happy with Edgar’s script.

The movie was supposedly to begin shooting early next month but however due to Wright’s exit the production has been put on hold. Marvel’s President, Kevin Feige, has instructed the script to be re-written.

Now what’s weird is that Marvel and Wright had been working on Ant Man for years in which comes back the question how did script did was written without Marvel approving it and only 2 weeks before filming they decided to let re-write the script and leaving director Wright exiting the building. So the question is that did Wright really left or was he fired?

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