Antman and The Wasp Review

The film is a bit slow getting started but it does have some great character moments as well as humor around the build-up to the action sequences. The action when it comes mixes some great visual FX with some humor as Hope and Scott jump between everyday items at various sizes to face the threats presented to them. The cast works very well with one another and there are some great moments that will likely become favorites for fans of the characters and Marvel.

The Ghost is a rather interesting choice as an adversary as we do not have an individual bent on conquest, revenge, mass destruction, or accumulating power and wealth. While it may seem odd to have a more down to earth and relatable villain in a Marvel film, it does continue a recent trend of showing of adversaries who are complex, harder to define, and sympathetic much like The Winter Soldier.

There’s also a lot more emphasis on the comedy here. Oversized helper ants jam out to rock band, Scott deals with a malfunctioning suit, and best of all- Michael Pena, T.I., and Davd Dastmalchian as the most hilarious three sidekicks since The Lone Gunmen.

The sequel’s not as intricate this time. The first one centered around a heist and greatly utilized changing sizes to that caper’s benefit. Here it’s more geared toward entertaining action sequences.

Overall Antman and The Wasp still a fun marvel movie to enjoy maybe not as epic in scale as some of the past Marvel films, but thanks to a likeable cast and some timely humor, it should keep fans happy until the next chapter in the series.

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