Aquaman Review

The movie is very straightforward and you quickly get excited to know what’s to come next after the first act. And oh please, the songs used are really good plus the visuals are really good. There are lots of surprisingly good underwater battle scenes and oh my that battle with Black Manta kills it.

I didn’t even think another human being could top Snyder’s visuals in DCEU. Well, I wasn’t wrong about that one. I still think his visuals are the best in DCEU but this movie had lots of moments too, those wide angle and tracking shots were a treat. The cinematography was really satisfying, so thank you to Don Burgess and James Wan for that. Underwater CGI scenes were breathtakingly beautiful to look at.

Set-pieces makes you forget about the world you live in. They’re not on the same level as LOTR or Indiana Jones or Star Wars but It’s close, and I think that’s a pretty tough thing to accomplish.
Dialogues were cringy now and then but, unfortunately, that’s what makes a super-hero movie ”good” nowadays, and this probably will continue for the next 10 years.

The only similarity between this movie and MCU movies is 9 unfunny jokes. The movie actually harbors multiple layers. Antagonists are actually valued, they’re not just background actors or extra performers, they actually have moments to shine.

This isn’t something like Ant-Man. It doesn’t have a stereotype, cliché, and generic film elements that created for the lowest common denominator. It actually has innovations for its genre.

This isn’t something like Captain America: Civil War or most of the MCU films out there, it doesn’t have a dim or bland color grading. The movie actually looks lively and vibrant. This isn’t something like Guardians of the Galaxy, the characters don’t act irrational or illogical, they actually have good reasons because they have developments.

This isn’t something like Avengers: Age of Ultron or any other MCU movie. The tone isn’t out of place. People don’t crack a joke in every minute. The movie doesn’t have a recurring and predictable theme, it actually has multiple themes.

Aside Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse, I’m proud that DCEU stand on thier Hall of movie of the year alongside Black Panther, Infinity War, it wouldn’t be fair to judge between two movies however we can expect this is a good steps from DC and let’s hope they’ll continue keep with this pace.

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