Aquaman’s Story Revealed

News are buzzing all over the net about Aquaman’s role DC up coming movie such as Suicide Squad, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and primarily Aquaman’s own movie. Aquaman, played by Khal Drogo a.k.a Jason Momoa is still in the shadow how would director James Wan fit it in other DC Comics movie.

So far these are what we know about Aquaman’s story:
1. In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Aquaman is seen held as prisoner in a glass container where we      could see him held against his will.
2.  Amanda Waller a.k.a White Queen who is charge of the Suicide Squad has held Aquaman as her prisoner and she also has in possession is his Triton in her trophy case.amanda waller
3. Aquaman was captured after he fought mutated shark in which it could be King Shark.
4. Both Aquaman and King Shark are held in the same prison.
king shark5. (Not confirmed news) Possibility that the Joker might sabotage the prison which results in Aquaman’s escape and that is how he returns to the sea.

Aquaman is expected expected to released in 2018 so all this appearance that he has might relate back to the direction of the movie. 


2 thoughts on “Aquaman’s Story Revealed”

  1. King Shark has been Aquaman’s enemy. But find it interesting Amanda Waller manage to capture both of them

  2. Aquaman has always been a blue-eyed blonde. But I’m still excited that Khal Drogo will be playing this role, a new take on aquaman; Grim & Dark…

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