Crazy Rich Asian Review

New York-based economics professor Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) is in a very loving relationship with Nick Young (Henry Golding), who, when invited to his best friend’s wedding in Singapore, reveals that his family is wealthy. And not just “comfortable” but Kardashian wealthy. The chemistry of the two leads was amazing – Constance really displayed her …

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The Meg Review

The movie also stars Rainn Wilson (who I didn’t even recognize in the trailer), New Zealand’s Cliff Curtis (from Fear the Walking Dead) and Chinese superstar Bingbing Li, and by superstar, I mean that she seems to be put into every movie from Transformers: Age of Extinction to Resident Evil: Retribution in order to get …

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Burning Review

Based on a Haruki Murakami short story, Burning consistently leaves us uncertain about how to process the information presented to us in a film that is populated by three characters hiding parts of themselves. Jongsu never does see a cat at Haemi’s tiny apartment, although its food is eaten each time he returns. Haemi tells …

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