DC’s most hyped movie is here. The Bat of Gotham and The Son of Krypton finally settle their differences in an epic battle which seriously took us by surprise. Yes DC Comics and Warner Bros is late to the party but they are making sure they leave victorious. In 2013, Zack delivered Man of Steel which saw he rewamping the entire franchise and leading straight to Justice League. But how did BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE™ continue that path.

The Gist of It:

After the incident of the invasion of the Kryton’s, The Bat was awaken from his long slumber. The devastation our the city which killed thousands and left hundreds cripple really sent a clear message that the black cape is needed again. So he begins his terror of justice and his aim at sight, killing a GOD.
Clark Kent a.k.a Superman however wasn’t that heroic after the Metropolis alien war. He is still finding his footing over the war that he brought over. With his father advise in mind, he constantly remind himself why he help others and not ignore them.

While the two are still in their own world, there is another power brewing. Lex Luthor slowly makes his move trying to change the table of Superman. Studying not only Clark’s weakness but Bruce Wayne’s weakness and other meta-humans.


Well who are the Meta Humans? Well it’s the rest of the Justice League; Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg. All with super human strength in which Lex finds them a threat. Those who has more power over him.


DC’s game plan seems to have alot going on and all aim for the few movies under the DC banner. BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE™ has multiple element going on. We have Zack SnyderChristopher Nolan, Frank Miller and Geoff Johns all in one pot.
The Batman concept we believe comes from Christopher and Frank as Chris wants that dark element going on such as not smiling unnecessary(The scene where Clark’s meets Bruce) or when he ran towards the collapsing building during the Superman battle with Zod. However was more towards Batman’s mindset. Why he had to take down Superman?What was his motivation? That was all Frank’s recipe. Not to mention the fight scene was something Frank would think off. Honestly Bruce Wayne character is like the comics, it’s like he just pop up the comic book.
Clark Kent a.k.a Superman was all Zack’s work which did fall a little short compared to the solid Batman profile. Zack keep repeating the same thing with Superman – he is focus now and unfocused later and require a girl console him. 🙁 For a man of steel he sure has a heart of a teddy bear.
As they try to merge everything together, they did leave behind certain points and was confusing for the unfamiliar of the comic. Like what is the hatred of Lex towards the heroes and why did name Martha could stop Batman from killing Superman. It seems so fragile at one point where once the two was enemies and now they are best friends and saving mothers and all. Honestly that part did disappoint us.
But the battle between them was awesome even thou there was alot of CGI going on. Finally the battle we all want to watch and finally killing all speculation.


Yes, it is a must watch movie. How could you miss this? Anyway, the movie do has alot of Easter Egg such as the  a future Flash warning Bruce. Oh yes.
You get to see the Batmobile in proper action(one of our favorite scene) and a little note from The Joker. The possibilities is endless and that is what Zack wanted us to do, speculate.
The evolution of Batman and Superman is up current and something that represent now.

P/s: There is no end credit scene so no use waiting. Also we have a contest going on so please join and be a winner.

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