Birdman – Contest(ENDED)

We are giving away premiere passes to the multiple award nominee, Birdman. To win these premiere passes is just easy. Just tell us why would you want to watch the premiere of Birdman with us. Winners will be emailed. The premiere is on the 2oth January 2015 at GSC 1Utama.
Good luck!

Comments (16)

  1. Akmal Bin Abdul Rashid

    I want to watch the premiere of Birdman with you guys because why not?!

  2. Lim whye kit leonard

    Who else play superhero movies with more humour than Birdman? Kick-ass? I dont think so, Birdman will surely touches my heart, deep within!

  3. Nigel Lim Ken Beng

    I want to watch Birdman to see what all the fuss is about and to know who won the underpants brawl between Keaton and Norton.

  4. lim zhi Vern joanne

    Birdman is the best movie of the year with so many nominations…i want to learn from their success!

  5. liew hong yen

    I want to watch Birdman so badly because I never look up on bird as a hero since the bird flu outbreak…kind of watching this to heal bird impression in me

  6. lim loonh kien

    Birdman is made just for me as the plot is both fantastic n hilarious! not to mention that this movie is a perfect parody!

  7. Bernard Lim

    I would want to watch the premiere of Birdman with Screenbite because it is Keaton’s comeback movie, which will see this former star reborn with Oscar-worthy performance.

  8. I am a great fan of Keaton n it’s great to c him again on the big scereen with my wife

  9. Nor azam

    i want to watch birdman because i love Alejandro González Iñárritu’s work. The latest birdman is a breakthrough masterpiece from him by introducing arthouse to the commercial audience.

  10. Ahmad Nazri bin Ngah

    I want to watch Birdman because every man has a bird and this movie is custom made for a man like me.

  11. Anuar Rafie

    I wanna watch Birdman with ScreenBite because who better to watch it with?

  12. Nurul Dianayanti Hussein

    I want to watch Birdman because this is amazing have a new hero in the film that will be like other famous hero even though his name was unusual.

  13. I wanna watch Birdman because I love to watch hilarious
    and funny movie by Michael Keaton & beautiful Naomi Watts

  14. Joey Lee

    i want to watch the birdman because the trailer is so interesting!

  15. Tay Cheng Young

    I want to watch the premiere of Birdman with you all because this movie has won a lot of awards and the acting of Michael Keaton is brilliant in the movie and the storyline of the movie is pretty inspiring therefore I can’t wait to watch it!

  16. raizil

    well, only if you give me 2 passes. Birdman is about

    1) Amazing camera work
    2) Michael keaton (he was brilliant as a store manager in ‘The other guys’)

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