Black Panther the movie – so how does it play and whose in it?

The introduction of Black Panther in the recent Captain America: Civil War left a big window open on how is his story gonna be story gonna be. Now in Civil War, the prince – T’Challa lost his father and pursuit the Winter Soldier in order to take his revenge. However during this transaction we noted on particular character connection towards Black Panther. It’s non other than Black Widow. 
Black Widow met the prince during the Sokovia Accords in Vienna. The Sokovia Accords purpose was to control the powers of the Avengers from exercising their super human abilities. They mission and battles will be chose and approve by a board of politicians. That’s the idea that Captain America didn’t like it.
Back to Black Widow and Black Panther, when the two met –  almost instantly they bonded. They were talking as if they were a long time friend. They chatted as if both knew each other identity.
chadwick-boseman-teases-black-panther-s-role-in-captain-america-civil-war-and-the-fate-910136After the blast, Black Widow consulted the grieving Prince. Black Widow somehow knew that the Prince will do something crazy. That’s when the good Captain called and warn Captain to stay off of this.
But the most interesting part is when the Black Panther wanted to get into his Audi, Black Panther’s body guard tried to warn Black Widow to move away. Black Panther didn’t even supported his bodyguard but instead he said, it would amuse him.


If that’s enough, the epic fight between team Captain and team Iron Man the two still showed a little friendliness. Black Widow at first was aiming for Captain – but instead she shot Black Panther.war14bwThe crazy part was, the girl shot not one but four times to him but you didn’t see her end up in jail right? Who ever stood against Iron were jailed but why not Black Widow?
We could assume that the Black Panther movie will feature Black Widow but it would play still fades us. The latest news is that Lupita Nyong, the girl begin Miz Katana from The Force Awaken is currently in talks with Marvel and probably play Black Panther’s lover or may be his sister. If this is true then this would also fit in place with that bullet that always hangs around T’Challa neck.



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