Blended – Review

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymre are back in their latest romantic comedy flick! The chemistry is absolutely awesome.  It’s their third movie together and we are glad it’s nothing like Adam Sandler’s Grown’s Up.

It begins with a simple blind date at Hooters. Now who would bring their date to Hooters? Well Jim did and Lauren was not happy assuming that Jim is a douche. The date ended with Jim’s friend bailing him with a snow avalanche call. Snow avalanche in summer?

Both are single parents with Jim having three daughters and Lauren having two sons. Escaping each other, they soon find themselves in an awkward situation.  Both met each other while shopping for their growing kids. One needs a tampon and another needs a sexy photo.
Soon after each other met, both met each other again to swape back their credit cards which later would lead to important call that would end both of the families going to Africa.

Blended movie (2)In Africa, both families start to bond with other. Lauren start taking the role of a mother in Jim’s family and Lauren start taking the role of a father. Ofcourse in the beginning both were a little discomfort but soon found the need of it.
The movie which features Shaquille O’Neal and Terry Crew is absolutely funny and must not to be missed by Adam’s and Drew’s fans.

Plot: 6.5/10
Imax: No

Remarks: Adam Sandlers’s and Drew Barrymore’s fan will definitely loves this movie. It’s the third time the two has work together and every time is they produces a brilliant movie. Not to be missed.

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