Captain America: Civil War – Review

Marvel’s Captain America is finally here. The battle that would change the caused of history finally took place. Captain America who still grasp on idea of freedom to fight versus Ironman who is embedded with the concept of an answerable organization. The very foundation of the Avengers are at stake.

The Gist of It:

After the event with Ultron, well the after effect are waving in. Many wants The Avengers to be answerable for their actions. Tony for one wants to be in checked after the Ultron incident. He felt it was his fault(Well it was).
With that, he thought it’s only the right thing to do is to give to key to his suit to the United Nations and he strongly believe that the rest of the team should follow thru aswell.
Captain however don’t really agree to it. After his run down with HYDRA and SHIELD he prefer to carry out justice in his own will rather been told to. He is afraid that if he is under an organization again, well the same thing would happen again.

Tony being adamant, proceed with his decision to get the Avengers signed under the UN. Rhodes and Black Widow join in aswell. Just when things seem to be going towards the right way, an explosion happens at the summit killing King T’Chaka. The explosion not only killed people, but also gave live to the Black Panther – who is actually the prince Wakanda. However the explosion only focused on one, Bucky the Winter Soldier. He was seen at the explosion side.
As everybody wants to capture the suspect of the attack, the Captain wants to protect his friend. He believe that the old Bucky is some where in the Winter Soldier. Tony Stark a.k.a IronMan who is obligated under UN, has to take in Bucky for the crime he has done. The war between the brothers has been broken and this is the actual plan of Zemo.


Could the Civil War be the best production by Marvel so far? Well let’s see.

Russo brother’s when all critical when developing this movie; that is one thing we have to agree. From the Winter Soldier character development until the story line were carefully planned. We were quite surprise on how they manage to bring to so many character together in perfect harmony. Similar to the Avengers recruitment but even better. Unlike the DC comic’s Superman v Batman, Marvel gave a not so aggressive storyline. Marvel carefully explained one after another the reason to each episode, with DC it was more a guessing.
How was the characters? It had a perfect blend with each other. They understand each other’s Ā strength and weakness which nice to see. The introduction of Spiderman and Black Panther – was awesome. Marvel didn’t explain more on Spiderman but it was explainable. Black Panther was some what similar to Thor’s character. We are looking forward to his stand alone movie.
Storyline? The stage by stage climax was something else. We thought Bucky lost his mind and start attacking Black Widow, Tony and Rhodes – that would be the reason why Captain America would go against Iron Man but it wasn’t. Then we thought when Bucky and Captain America headed to Siberia to stop the remaining Winter Soldier but when they got there was another spin off. Russo brother’s manage to make us look right first and then left and then right again; when the actually it was coming from on top.

Overall? Possibility Civil War would have exceeded other Marvel movies. With characters such as Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow and Vision being more mature – they are consumable. We get to know each characters start questioning and even understanding them self better.
For better experience please watch is in IMAX and please be surprise for some unexpected actions.

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