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Eggsy is back in action. This time more mature and might we add, stylist. However when their HQ gets blown up and the world held hostage, members of Kingsman find new allies in the most unexpected nation. Movie will release on the 21st of September 2017 in all major cinemas nation wide. We have also have some KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE movie merchandises to be won. Just answer some simple question and it could be yours. #KingsmanMY

Contest end on 1st of October 2017.

IT – Contest(ENDED)

It’s time for another scary contest.




Contest ends 10th September 2017.

Midnight Diner 2 – Contest(ENDED)

Time for another movie contest. This time we are offering 1 (ONE) Pair of tickets to watch Midnight Diner 2 about diner name, ‘Meshiya’, stands in an alley close to the bright (and sometimes red) lights of Tokyo’s busy Shinjuku
district. Since it opens late at night, it is known as the ‘Midnight Diner’. The menu is based upon ‘alcohol and the
pork-soup special’, but ‘Master’, the owner, is a great cook who will make anything he can, all the while lending an ear to the griefs and joys of his customers’ complicated lives.

Contest ends 22nd August 2017. Winners will be contacted via email.


Wanna win AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING premier tickets? Just answer these simple question and you could walk away with them.


Contest Ends: 21/7/2017
Winners will be contacted via Email.


Time for another movie contest. This time it’s WONDER WOMAN.


Contest Ends: 8/6/2017
Winners will be contacted via Email.

ALIEN: COVENANT – Movie Contest

The crew of the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise. When they uncover a threat beyond their imagination, they must attempt a harrowing escape.

Contest Ends: 12/5/2017
Winners will be contacted via Email.

La La La at Rock Bottom – Movie Contest

In conjunction with the release of LA LA LA AT ROCK BOTTOM on the 6th of April 2017,
We’d like to offer you the chance to watch it much earlier! All you have to do is follow the simple steps below:

Redemption Details:

To redeem 2 movie passes to the International Preview Screening of LA LA LA AT ROCK BOTTOM,

Share our La La La At Rock Bottom- Contest Facebook Post on your Facebook page with the Answer to the question:

Who is the Director of La La La At Rock Bottom?

We will announce the winners on March 29th, 2017 on this website so stay tuned.

Two (2) passes per person. (Total of 60 Movie Passes available).

Winners will be sent a Facebook message notifying them of their win.

Screening will be on 30th March 2017, Thursday night (9pm) in GSC Mid Valley (Hall 12).




For those who would like to learn more about this musical comedy,

below is an interview with Yamashita Nobuhiro, the director of LA LA LA AT ROCK BOTTOM:

1) Can you tell us where the idea for LA LA LA AT ROCK BOTTOM comes from?

It all started from the protagonist Subaru Shibutani, he is the leader of a famous boy band in Japan.

The film producer came up with the idea of putting him on the big screen. Indeed the decision of shooting the film in Osaka is a consequence of the fact that Subaru Shibutani is from Osaka. In the film I tried to show what would have happened if the actual Subaru Shibutani had remained in Osaka and had not become famous. That’s why we can say the movie is a narration but also a part of the protagonist’s real life.

2) Can you please tell us something about the original title of the film, “Misono Universe”? Is it a real place?

Yes sure, it is a real place in Osaka. In the beginning it started out as a cabaret club, but then it turned into a live show club. In general I’d say that because of its location and its features, it is a place that reminds to the atmosphere of the Shōwa period.

3) In your film there are a lot of songs. Were these songs originally composed for the movie? How were these songs selected?

The last song that Subaru Shibutani sings it was actually composed specifically for the film. Instead all the other songs are by Akainu, but were not specifically composed for the movie. Actually the idea for the film came up right after an Akainu concert at the Misono Universe.

4) Both in your previous film “Linda Linda Linda” and in this one “La La La at Rock Bottom”, the background theme is music. Do you love music, apart from using it in your movies?

I have always extremely admired people who compose music. Since I don’t have any music talent, I have always been envious of people who do. That’s why I challenge myself by transporting music into films.
With “La La La at Rock Bottom”, it was not easy to set a live show in a movie. I had to often consult with my collaborators and also with the musicians who would actually have to play in the film. Music and cinema have a lot in common and are similar in many ways, however the emotions they transcend come out in different ways. I had to work hard in order to choose a proper way to transfer live music on the screen while at the same time keep it believable.

Collected by Giulia Rossi – Festival editorial staff

The Boss Baby – Movie Contest

To stand a chance to win premiere tickets to The Baby Boss, answer 1 simple question and share the post on your Facebook page.

Click here to go to the contest post and remember to share it!

boss baby contest


Congratulations to the winners of KONG: SKULL ISLAND Contest Winners, we will contact you through Facebook soon.

KONG: SKULL ISLAND will be premiering in Malaysia on 9th March 2017.

Winners are listed below:

Nasrul Fareed
Prize: KONG: SKULL ISLAND Ear Bud Organizer + 2 Movie Passes to KONG: SKULL ISLAND

Rawlins Glam
Prize: KONG: SKULL ISLAND Black Worn Hat with Frayed Patch + 2 Movie Passes to KONG: SKULL ISLAND

Lim Eng Hock
Prize: KONG: SKULL ISLAND Computer Sticker + 2 Movie Passes to KONG: SKULL ISLAND

Mak Jeng Foong
Prize: KONG: SKULL ISLAND Black Worn Hat with Frayed Patch + 2 Movie Passes to KONG: SKULL ISLAND

Liew Fen
Prize: KONG: SKULL ISLAND Ear Bud Organizer + 2 Movie Passes to KONG: SKULL ISLAND

Norshamim Idris
Prize: KONG: SKULL ISLAND Computer Sticker + 2 Movie Passes to KONG: SKULL ISLAND

Merida CK Eng
Prize: KONG: SKULL ISLAND Next Level Roar Venetian Grey Tri-Blend T-shirt + 2 Movie Passes to KONG: SKULL ISLAND

Thank you to everyone for participating, we will have our next movie contest up very soon so stay tuned for another chance to win movie tickets and movie merchandise.