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Tokyo Ghoul – Review

From Manga to anime and now to the silver screen, Tokyo Ghoul has established their fanbase for this few years and many people loves it. The struggle the gore and the grotesque scene that makes their fan throw up. Since I’ve been watching Tokyo Ghoul anime for some time needles to say, this is an average adaptation for one of the most best selling manga in Japan. Easy to follow but suffers like many adaptations with the too much to explain with too little time syndrome. The pacing also had its ups and downs but mostly because of the intensity of some of its key scenes that make the quieter moments quieter.

Both Kubota and Shimizu play their parts well and, though I can already hear the overacting complaints from others despite Kubota really making a perfect Kaneki with the switches between calm and paranoia.

Overall is an average watchable live action and I’m hoping there will be a sequel for this movie, and a big shout out to Tgv Cinema for gives us a chance to make this premier night happen.


Kingsman: The Golden Circle – Review

Kingsman: The Golden Circle attempts to shine like gold as the golden circle. Unfortunately, the result is nowhere near the shiny gold. The story briefly- Eggsy(Taron Egerton), a brilliant agent and Merlin have to team up with the American Kingsman ‘The Statesmen’ to get to the bottom of a virus being spread by Poppy, our films ‘bad guy’ played by a wonderfully evil Julianne Moore. There are some twists and turns along the way (the trailers already spoil the surprise return of Harry Hart but I will not give details of how this happens)some of which you wont expect (others are pretty obvious but more on that in a minute!) Whilst the main antagonist Poppy may not have been as symbolic as Valentine, her sidekick certainly made up for this. The fight scenes were spectacularly done, with numerous sequences that were particularly memorable and whilst none of these were as good as the famous Kentucky Church Fight Scene, all of them displayed a significant level of action, violence and of course bloodshed.

The film opens and concludes with a nice action sequence, but there is really not much in between to get the adrenaline rush going. The original film had the fantastic church sequence that became one of the most talked about moments of the film and sadly the sequel offers nothing nearly as memorable. If you take this movie too seriously with some again comparing it to 007, you will be disappointed as of course it’s not going to have the same class or sophistication as Fleming’s novels. That is what makes it different as it does not try to copy that or make a mockery of it either. The Kingsman films now stand on their own.



There have been plenty of Amityville horror movies since the 70’s and here is yet another reboot of the franchise, is it any good? Read on to find out.


Amityville: The Awakening has been in development hell for a long time (pun intended). It was suppose to be released in 2015 and after was pushed back 5 times and after some re-shoot its finally here but its not like everyone was eagerly awaiting it in the first place.

This movie is about the story of the mother, Joan and her 3 children, Belle (Bella Thorne), Juliet and their comatose brother, James (Cameron Monaghan) who move into this old house. Right after moving in, Belle starts to realise there is something creepy about the house and her brother is slowly recovering from his coma state. As with every horror movies, unusual things start to happen at night especially at 3.15am as that’s the time the previous owner of the house killed his entire family 40 years ago. There is no real ghost or demon in the film but just jump scares to keep the audience at the edge of their seats. The brother, played by Cameron Monaghan does a great job towards the end once he is awakened from his state. If you have seen him in Gotham as the Joker, you will know he has the face and eeriness aura around him when he acts. As for the main actress, Bella Thorne is pleasing to the eye and does the usual emo teen with the goth makeup bringing out her real life bad-girl image.


Horror movies have changed tremendously over the past few years especially with the work of James Wan setting the bar for all future horror flicks, so if you were to compare, director Frank Khalfoun (P2, Wrong Turn, Maniac) has a bit of catching up to do if he wants this movie to be memorable. It has plenty of jump scares and would satisfy audiences looking for some thrill to get their heart racing. So, guys do bring your girlfriend



Annabelle: Creation – Review

In 2014 we’ve been a slammed down by the Annabelle movie, with meaningless jumpscare zero suspense, zero tension and everything relaying on the ‘ Creepiness’ of the Annabelle doll. Of course let’s not dwell on the past. David F. Sandberg gives us another thrilled ride, but this time with high level of intensity.

The atmosphere it created left me on the edge of the seat the whole movie. Which to me is far better than jump scares! The movie also had very few slow/boring parts if any. Some characters do make stupid decisions which can be frustrating, but same goes for all movies. All the actors in the film were really good, which surprised me since most are so young. They’re are a few hidden Easter eggs throughout the film that fans of Annabelle and the Conjuring series will probably notice, which was really neat/surprising to see! This movie also ties in perfectly the the first film in a very surprising way that made the crowd of the theater actually gasp in shock.

Overall: There are no standout scenes that will make you not want to go to bed, but it serves its purpose as a horror movie and is entertaining enough in its last part to please an audience.


Osiris Child – Review

Despite blurry shot and, different angle cam Osiris Child got it owns charm in order to keeps me awake. From the guy who brought you Infini, here’s come Science Fiction Volume One : The Osiris Child Shane Abbess latest installment it’s the story where humans have started to colonise the universe and out on the fringe there is a planet with a new colony, a flotilla floating above and a prison below with a deep secret ready to bust loose.

In here we meet Lt. Kane Sommerville (Daniel MacPherson) an officer for Exor the military contractor who is in charge of supporting new settlements. Sommerville has a conflicted past that drives him to be as far away from Earth as he can get, which is complicated because he has a daughter Indi (Teagan Croft) who has travelled across the Galaxy to see him.

Although this an indie sci-fi installment what I really adore with this movie is how Shane manage to pull off a high level production that you don’t really see in such budget film , the set feels authentic the details are surreal The action is real, from the punch you can almost feel that the weight, the swing and the brawl between character, Shane also manage to make aerial combat between Kane and the Dogfighter looks intensed. In the end, it’s clear from the movie, I mean look at the title, that this is meant to be the first of a series of films and given this first outing I’m really interested to see where they go next with this, I just hope people give it a chance.


Dunkirk- Review

Christopher Nolan best work to date! Yes, we said it. It’s a war movie but it wasn’t about the war. Dunkrik is story of the war at Belgium and at the time the British and France were retreating and how the soldiers were trying to stay alive. When all seem lost, hope was the only thing that kept them alive and Christopher Nolan was a genius portraying the situation and the feeling of the soldiers.
It was definitely not a sci-fi movie like Interstellar but by watching it somewhat does remind you of Nolan’s experimental style. Shot’s from 3 different view; the air, on the water and on the beach and all is subsequent combined to give you this summary of the war, hope and heroism.
The movie which was shot in 70mm to give that excellent quality and did paid off. The details of the movie was incredible and even better was the atmosphere brought in by Nolan. What was suppose to be a panic and out of control moments; it was lifted up in crafty way. He took the Imax technology to another different level in which Michael Bay might need to learn a thing or two.

What is Dunkirk? Dunkirk is a place in France which near to the border of Belgium. At the time of war, this is location where the Allied Forces had to evacuate their forces from the Germans. The place was a graveyard and lost hope and the Germans was attacking heavily. Nolan was able to capture those moments in both emotional and physically landscape.

For war film enthusiast, this must best on top of your list and Dunkirk is already in the same range with Saving Private Ryan, The Longest Day and Black Half Down. For the best experience we would recommend you watch it on IMAX.

The Salesman – Review

Death of a Salesman, is the winner of 1949 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and Tony Award for Best Play. The Salesman, isn’t about that award winning story but instead the life of the actor and actress who is playing in a theater production of Death of a Salesman.

The movie circulates around Emad and Rana who is a married couple. Emad plays Willy Loman and Rana plays Linda. While everything is going well for the both in the beginning, one night after moving to their new apartment – Rana was attacked and raped.
This is where Asghar Farhadi dares to leap to another level of filming in Iran. Asghar was able to beautifully paint the lives and the taboo of this social problem without missing the key element of it. He opens the world eyes on what is happening there and how it affects the people there. The characters of Emad and Rana perfectly portrait the atmoshepre of a such situation and didn’t flinch.
The characters Emad who is determine is find out what happened to his wife, the wife in the other hand wasn’t in the same page. She was traumatise and believes that finding out who did that to her will just hurt her more.
The plot and story direction was incredible in which director and writer Asghar Farhadi should be given a pat on the back.
The Salesman has won the 2017 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film and will be screening exclusively in 4 GSC locations, ie GSC Mid Valley, GSC Pavilion KL, GSC 1 Utama & GSC Gurney Plaza Penang.

War For The Planet of The Apes – Review

Finally the end of the Planet of The Apes saga which was rebooted 6 years back. War For The Planet of The Apes concludes the rise of the apes and now a war to end it all and Matt Reeves certainly end it gracefully.

What could be the unique part of this version of The Planet of Apes of how consistent the main character is. The build up from the previous movie did not fade off and it’s development is simply wonderful. Caesar, played by Andy Serkis – was the ultimate leader that would  put to shame some of our current leaders.
Continuing 2 years after the Dawn, Caesar tries to find way avoid unnecessary clashes with humans. However humans are not only their problem as other apes who was previously loyal to Koba has decided to go against Caesar. Making it worst they have join a Colonel who leads an army called the Alpha-Omega.

The returning director really played this out well making sure the focus was on the war but buttering the effect of it was the previous installment. Moving it out of the previous installment didn’t had any loose ends and the new chapter has a better start.
The locations were like scenes from Walking Dead and it compliment the entire scenes through out the movie. How civilization is destroyed and post apocalyptic of it. But the biggest twist of the movie isn’t because the apes has taken over the world but rather what is happening to the humans.

From the beginning of it, every part had a proper progress and how the director ends the movie, was something that you could never take off your mind. This movie is all about characteristic of human and animal. How its related are we to each other when it comes to that crossroad. Matt manage to show clearly that we are no different from each other but sometimes it’s important to control the animal side at all time. This movie should be in your “Must watch movie before you die” movie list.

Transformers: The Last Knight – Review

Optimus Prime and Michael Bay returns for the fifth installment of Transformers. A good 10 years. What can we expect for this movie? Since it’s a Michael Bay movie, well you can expect alot of explosive and unrelated stuff.

The movie starts off in medieval time – to be exact during the time of King Arthur and his knight fighting off foreign enemies. They also intro Merlin who is played by Stanley Tucci. You might remember him from the previous Transformers movie playing a millionaire scientist by name of Joshua Joyce who created a human-made remote-controlled Transformers. But why 2 characters played one person? Well that we will answer it another day.
Merlin made a deal with one of the Transformers Knights which crash landed on earth many years ago and requested their help to battle the foreign enemies. The Knight then handed Merlin a staff and told him that someone will come for it soon. So the staff is everything; it’s the main plot. The staff which suppose to be power of the Quintessons who basically created Optimus Prime.

There were some seriously and funny moment in introduction it was solid; acceptable. But then came the second part where it is the present time and that’s when everything start to crumble. Cade Yaeger played by Mark Wahlberg came to the picture and he was all over the place. He was saving kids, repairing bots, being a gangster to kids – all in one go. Honestly is like watching Pain & Gain without the muscles. The movie later focused on how he never gave up on Optimus and how he is on their side.

The best part of the movie, would probably be the introduction of Megatron. The new Megatron now wears a cape 🙂 and carries a crazy large sword. He is mean and as bad as he comes. However we are wondering to his Galvatron body?

All in all, the movie was all over the place. First it was in Chicago, then a junkyard where the Indian’s are staying, next is British, then there is a car chase where every car could catch up with Lamborghini, then inside a submarine, then a space ship,it was all over the place with no proper exploration.
The introduction of the new characters were great but because there was lack of depth of the characters well it was all washed off. Such a waste. Everything defy logic and why was Anthony Hopkins is even there? He is suppose to be the keeper of a certain cult like The Da Vinci Code but he was acting like sociopath in Red 2.
We have to give Michael Bay for trying to salvage the movie by following the original character like the Quintessons, Hot Rod, and Unicron but the everything is so compressed that it became disconnect. We don’t know what we are watching anymore but we are still watching it because it’s Transformers.


Diana Prince is the hero that DC finally got it right. A female superhero in which is a first of it’s kind in between Marvel and DC. Princess Diana of Themyscira played by Gal Gadot throws in a punch like not other woman we have seen. Watch out Black Widow.

Setting in World War 1, it takes us to beginning of how Diana come to learn about the outside world and men. Living in the Island Themyscira under the supervision of her mother, Queen Hippolyta – Diana was innocent of how the world is. She was the only child in the island when she grew as the mother claims that she was sculpted by Queen herself and her life was given by the Zues, the ruler of Olympus.

She begins her adventure to actual world with Steve played by Chris Pine in order to stop the war of the world. The both paired fantastically and was able to move audiences in both amusing and romantic. You feel a little Captain America creeping in but skirts who are we kidding right.

But that wasn’t genre Patty Jenkins was looking for. Diana’s innocence’s and thirst for justice was what we clearly saw about and we liked it. She constantly concerns about the well being who and what ever is around her. Yes that is the character but the detail such her first taste of ice cream; that scene would have complemented the scene better if only they focus more on her reaction.

Even thou the movie was a little off in the beginning but the caught up by the 3rd act. The CGI fight scene was a little over the top but than again it won’t be DC right. At least we didn’t get the Martha scene again right.

Overall, can’t say it’s a home run but wonderful yes it is.