Chappie – Review

“Humanity’s last hope isn’t human,” that’s the movie tagline. In a not so long future, where human are incapable to fight the high rate of crime – they turn to droids to fight for them. Just a time-bomb ready to explode.

Why Chappie?

South Africa police force is the first have a Droid police force. It was so effective that the crime rate drop at astonishing rate until the police decided to order more droids. The most happiest person for this success would be Deon Wilson(Deve Patel) the designer of the droid. But Deon has not reached the climax of his success. He is trying to design the first ever Droid with artificial intelligent that could feel and learn and on day 9oo hundred plus, he got it.
He was in the midst of his experiment when Yolandi, Ninja and America decides to kidnap him. However the kidnap idea was thrown out immediately when they found the Droid that Deon was about experiment on. The trio forced Deon to install the program and Chappie was born.

Yolandi role was change from a crazy drug dealer with bad hair cut to a robot Mumi. Yolandi from a mental drug dealer became Papa and Deon is the Creator. Chappie starts learning on world from this group of people.

Chappie is Gangster and Chappie wanna bust a screw

Neill Blomkamp returns with yet another questionable movie. To be honest, Elysium made more sense compared to Chappie. The idea is there, a robot that has feeling that would protect the humans being … wait isn’t there a movie with similar idea? Bicentennial Man, I, Robot? Why Neill, why?
Chappie to be honest is a very amateurish directed. It didn’t have enough storyline. The plot is there but the way the plot is told made was disappointing. They had Dev Patel, Hugh Jackman and Sigourney Weaver for crying out-loud but totally wasted. These actors were making small talks and it was just pointing back to how the script were not thought thoroughly.
Hugh Jackman is already intimidating but they just left it as such and not giving a proper thought to his character and so was Dev Patel. It’s like Neill paid these actors to just be themselves.

Chappie like your bump bump. Chappie wants Kardashian bump bump.

Rating 3.0/10

Release date: 5th March 2015

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