Christopher Robin Review

Ewan McGregor was convincing and looked like he had a great time with the role. Hayley Atwell kind of got to sleepwalk through her mother/wife role as she didn’t have much to do, the daughter was good but was in the wrong film for focus on her end (even though they try and maintain that theme throughout, it’s not explored very fully), and literally every other character was over-the-top and may have fit with this film but were also outlandish and exaggerated to the point that I really didn’t care.

I felt like having a film similar to something like Paddington (where a children’s book character receives a live action film), would go over well with the crowd just on the basis of nostalgia and having beloved characters present. I felt like this film had a slow start but once Pooh comes into London and runs into a grown up Christopher Robin the film becomes the warm and lovely film we expected it to be.

That said, the Winnie the Pooh, Disney lover that I am, saw
so much love in this film with its themes of friendship, love, family and tenderness. The vintage, live-action look is appealing and kept me intrigued wondering what the “silly old bear” would do next. Winne the Pooh is quite the adventurous wanderer as he goes in search of Christopher Robin who has grown up and works in London.

The adventures suspend belief as grown-up Christopher Robin, originally annoyed by Pooh, remembers some of his favorite things, like “doing nothing” and realizing true north is his family and friends, plush or live.

Overall, Christopher Robin is labeled as a kids movie, but it isn’t. It’s a very mature film, with a very mature message intended for millennials and older people. It might start off slow, but man it blossoms into a really great film. I really enjoyed and liked this film, it’s a new story for the Hundred Acre Woods and doesn’t disappoint.

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