Cooties – Review


The Gist of It:
Not the best movie for Elijah Wood but it’s watchable movie. However please be advise, the movie is a rated 18 and for a good reason. The amount of blood and cooties, will just creep you out like our writer.
The story is about Clint a struggling writer who is trying to find his magic in writing. Ofcourse it don’t come easy and while he wait for his graduation letter from Hogwart, Clint works as a substitute teacher at his old school. We can figure as much that he wasn’t one of the popular one’s.¬†As Clint, enter the school he encounters with several unreal situation. Ofcourse he will bump into a girl whom he knew and we can predict how this ends.

Directed by 2 new directors,¬†Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion the movie didn’t enough have a steady feet to stand on. In the beginning itself, Elijah was put down and portrait as a person who is unsuccessful and the problem was that they tried so hard to get that idea alone visualize. The same case, when introducing other characters such as Rainn Wilson, Alison Phil and others. So when this happens, the movie basically was predictable and killed the suspense’s.

However a zombie apocalypse with kids as the zombie is something we would give credit. The movie do relate to current lifestyle with teachers telling students not to do that but only to find the teachers themselves are doing it. The blood spills and gut spilling is a definite for the chicken hearted as it is excessive.
But that is balance with presence of Rainn Wilson whose character is similar to his signature work in ‘The Office’, Jack McBrayer and even Jorge Garcia. They mellow the violent with their funny self.


It wouldn’t be our first choice a apocalypse movie but it’s in our top 50 which it’s gruesome killing method and ofcourse the creepy disgusting approach of killing human.


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