Deadpool – Review

 One of the most anticipated movie of the year 2016, Deadpool – the merc with a mouth totally delivers as per fans expectation. However to which point does the movie play? Read our review about it.


The Gist of It:

Well when we first saw the clips of Deadpool in toy fair 2 years back, basically we were all super happy, just happy. Later when Ryan Reynolds announced his involvement in the actual movie; the world just when crazy.
Some how some where, due to some cosmic reaction –  this movie came out exactly like how Deadpool is in the comic.


So breaking down the story, it all started with Wade and Vanessa loving relationship that started it all. Wade was mercenary for hire and Vanessa was your icing on cake after a long at work. But however both were able to look above their profession and love.
As this is not your regular love movie, Wade was diagnose with cancer and he was offered to be cured of his illness by non other Francis a.k.a Ajax. Thinks didn’t go as plan and Ajax tries to kill him in the process. But Wade escape with his life. Unfortunately due to the experiment on Wade’s body left him disfigured. His only chance of recovery was Francis and so begun the mission to hunt Francis.

Well not sure if it’s Tim Miller’s magic or Ryan Reynolds charm, the direction and marketing of the movie was perfect. It is like reading a book but the imagination part has been pre-install in your head. With that in belt, the movie is now the best performing R-rated movie in history. How about that.

However there were a little hick up in between. For instant like the jokes were very much expected. But we liked it.
The X-Men’s appearances was a little lame in which Deadpool did mentioned that the production house might not have enough money(LOL).

One thing for sure which Wade Wilson made it clear was that it is not super hero movie. Deadpool run outside the super hero pool but at the same but to far out.

Vanessa played by Morena Baccarin is an absolute hot mama. Her curves and everything just suit her character.

Ryan Reynold swore that he would make it right with Deadpool and he totally kept his promise. No doubt about that. A must watch movie for those Deadpool fans and also those Marvel lovers.
At the moment, the latest news is that they already on the way for the second Deadpool movie and we hope it is as good as this one.
Even though it’s critically censored, we recommend that you watch the movie thrice. It’s that good.

Favourite Line: “Hashtag driveby”

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