Doctor Strange – Review

Another adaption of the marvel comic is here. Doctor Strange is about a man who is just selfish(Too put it in short). What start out to be journey of physical healing at first becomes a self healing.
Will this adaption up hold to the Marvel universe as we know it?

The Gist of It:

Dr. Stephen Strange(Benedict Cumberbatch) a expert medical practitioner was on top of the league when one night a horrific car accident changed everything. A first look on his condition, he knew it was impossible for him to ever practice medicine.
After looking hope and almost giving up, he got a lead that he possibility could regain his hands back. This journey would take him to Katmandu, Nepal.
Strange first met Mordo(Chiwetel Ejiofor). In the comics, Mordo is the direct adversary to Strange. Mordo brought Strange to The Ancient One who was played by Tilda Swinton. The Ancient One explains that the healing and also why is she actually. Strange who was a disbelieved, quickly were made a believer. Strange interest in learning the magical powers grew. His knowledge grew quickly and so his power.

Everything was well right until Kaecilius; a former student of The Ancient One attacks the temple. From there on, everything is all about action.

The Review

In the beginning of the movie, seems…how can we put it; fast. The development of the movie was too fast. From the beginning to the climax, in our opinion is too fast. Which comes to surprise especially when the movie is being directed by Scoot Derrickson. Scott’s work as some of you may know are Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose and etc. So he is an expert on laying down a good foundation of a movie but for an action movie just isn’t his forte. Let’s leave at that.0402-sub-benedict-cumberbatch-chiwetel-ejiofor-dr-strange-splash-4
Benedict Cumberbatch has a making of an ego and sell centered person but some how in this movie that wasn’t shown a 100%. It was very mild on his a**hole part. He did way better in Star Trek if to be compared.
The storyline –  a little fragile. Not the best story-line that we have seen from Marvel. It was very childish and a 90’s kinda plot. It was very see through and predictable.

So what was the best part of the movie? To be honest is the after scene. Well there is 2 of them, so be sure wait till the end of the movie. One will be about the Thor Ragnarok and the other could be possibility about Doctor Strange part 2 as they have finally introduce Mordo as the villain.

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