Dragon Ball Super : Broly Review

Dragon Ball is known for producing some of the best fights in all of anime. And this movie is no exception. With the likes of takahashi and Naotoshi shida handling the main action parts of the film, the fight scenes are absolutely mind blowing. Especially the final section of the movie where Shida brings his A game to the movie, shida mixed with Shinatni sheets produced some of the best fights in all of anime.

Nothing is perfect and Dragon ball Super broly also had some tiny problems as well. 1. RUSHING: Sometimes the movie felt a bit rushed. Mainly because the original script of the movie was actually 3hours long so they had to narrow it down to 1 hour 40 minutes.That is why some sections are abit rushed but its not that big of a deal. 2.Lack of Tension : THE movie lacked tension as compared to the days of dbz. But still its just a tiny problem not that big of deal to ruin a movie. 3.Retcons : There were a few retcons here and there. but i can ignore such retcons as they don’t seem that big to me.

The little things with Broly before any of the action even begins is what actually makes you like him. Director Tatsuya Nagamine essentially split Broly into two beings, one is this curious and unsociable outcast that really just wants to be loyal to his father and feels disconnected from the world due to his unfortunate circumstances.

The other side is shown during the intense action scenes when he sheds all emotion and turns into a savage monster that embodies everything from the original noncanon movie. This way you somewhat satisfy both the casual fans who want him to be the hulk of the franchise and those who wanted more depth in the character.

Toriyama and Toei Animation decided to change the animation supervisor and character designer “Tadayoshi Yamamuro” to “Nahiro Shinatni”. His animation is more fluid and gives a refreshing feel to the movie. There is a use of CG as well. In short this is the best anime movie of 2018 when it comes to animation. Having animators from My hero academia, one punch man etc working on it. Also got Toei’s best staff with the likes of Naotoshi Shida, Yuya Takahashi, Naoki tate and other great animators. The movie is a one hour and fourty minutes of pure ” SAGAKA”.

Dragon Ball Super Broly is one of the best animated films of the year and provides you with Akira Toriyama’s trademark humor and out of this world battles, which is only taken to the next level by the fantastic direction of Tatsuya Nagamine.

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