Dunkirk- Review

Christopher Nolan best work to date! Yes, we said it. It’s a war movie but it wasn’t about the war. Dunkrik is story of the war at Belgium and at the time the British and France were retreating and how the soldiers were trying to stay alive. When all seem lost, hope was the only thing that kept them alive and Christopher Nolan was a genius portraying the situation and the feeling of the soldiers.
It was definitely not a sci-fi movie like Interstellar but by watching it somewhat does remind you of Nolan’s experimental style. Shot’s from 3 different view; the air, on the water and on the beach and all is subsequent combined to give you this summary of the war, hope and heroism.
The movie which was shot in 70mm to give that excellent quality and did paid off. The details of the movie was incredible and even better was the atmosphere brought in by Nolan. What was suppose to be a panic and out of control moments; it was lifted up in crafty way. He took the Imax technology to another different level in which Michael Bay might need to learn a thing or two.

What is Dunkirk? Dunkirk is a place in France which near to the border of Belgium. At the time of war, this is location where the Allied Forces had to evacuate their forces from the Germans. The place was a graveyard and lost hope and the Germans was attacking heavily. Nolan was able to capture those moments in both emotional and physically landscape.

For war film enthusiast, this must best on top of your list and Dunkirk is already in the same range with Saving Private Ryan, The Longest Day and Black Half Down. For the best experience we would recommend you watch it on IMAX.

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