The Equalizer – Review

The Academy Award Actor, Denzel Washington shows us what is an A listed actor is. In the beginning when the trailer came out, honestly we were worried that this would be that movie he start dropping but he just to show that he is like a good wine.
The Equalizer is a remake of a 1985 tv series which stars Edward Woodward as Robert McCall a former covert operations officer of an unnamed U.S. Government intelligence organization.
Denzel Washington plays Robert McCall who wants to put his Special Forces past behind him and dedicated himself to beginning; to help others.

Robert McCall, who leads a simple life. He gets a smoothie every morning and takes the bus to work.  He works at DIY superstore as supervisor. After work he heads to he favorite local diner and has his dinner and he repeats it daily.
The turning point of this routine is when met Teri a young girl under the control of ultra-violent Russian gangsters. Robert’s special force ability kicks in and he decides to help the poor girl from the abuse. Robert times in and destroy the cocky Russian’s pimp all in 28 seconds.


So it begins from the lowest of rank Robert’s begins taking them one at the time. This is until the head of the Russian organization called Pushkin decides to send his own personal bouncer to end all the drama. However it all ends up Robert having some good target practice. The Russian were not that really impress and it just pisses them all.


Plot: 8/10
Imax: No

Remarks: Initially the role of Robert McCall was meant for Russell Crowe but however they drop the name and opted Denzel. The Equalizer seems modernize and keeping the original essence. This one of those movie, that just follow thru instead of A-Team recipe of disaster. A highly recommended movie to those who love this 80’s series.

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