JK Rowling shares with us her view of the wizarding world in 1920’s and it’s Leviosa’-ing it’self to our heart and to the box office. The story is 80 years before the Voldemort incident. Well the movie is about a young wizard who travels to America in search of magical creatures. Newt Scamander of Hufflepuff is no ordinary wizard that we have seen before.

The Gist of It:

When Newt Scamander a magizoologist arrived to America, he was in a mission to save some magical creatures. But Newt is the type who bring his work everywhere; in his briefcase. So one event led to another, well some of his creature got loose. Together with his muggle partner he befriended, Kowalski; they both end up catching those magical creatures.


However it wasn’t all pleasant after a muggle was found dead and MACUSA(Magical Congress of the United States of America) has their fingers all pointed to Newt’s creatures and even blaming him. They convicted him and Goldstein for not reporting it earlier despite her effort to inform her superior.
Newt, using his creatures escaped and when on to hunt to the actual creature that is responsible of horrific killing only to find out its inside job all this while.

The Review

Harry Potter movie will definitely not be disappointed. The plot is much more interesting and the story telling is way mature then off Harry Potter series. Directed by David Yates whom is no stranger to series, he just laviosa the JK Rowling adaptation into live.
But importantly we are excited to see Eddie Redmayne who was incredible in The Danish Girl playing Newt Scamander. Acting as a lonely Hufflepuff wizard he totally suits the part with his awkwardness and not focuses eye contact. Adding to the mix is Collin Farrell as grumpy cop who is always pissed off like all his movie. That we didn’t like. But he played well in this role and when climax shocker character unfold, we almost fell of our seat. We loved Kowalski. A cute tubby fellow who from our eyes is kind hearted. With bag of bread it totally suit actor Dan Fogler who is Tony award by the way.


Beside good storyline and cute magical being there is some part that raises question even we still finding hard to believe. Well for one, if you are ever expelled from Hogwarts, your wand will broken so that you can’t cast a spell as you would be a danger to others. But Newt, has his wand still? Well how is that? Also not to mentioned the reason behind the why is Newt is Dumbledore’s favorite student?

The bigger picture is that how has J.K Rowling universe has been scale up. From a regular wizardy school to a massive ministry in US. We know that the movie is much earlier than the Harry Potter time line, but we know for certain that it is link some how through Dumbledore.

All and all it’s a great movie and it is a must watch movie if you’re Harry Potter and even if you’re not.

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