Fantastic Four Cast Reveal

So who are the new Fantastic Four reboot cast. You would be surprise with the fictional superhero team members are. The team is a combo of hotty, little, hmmm, and who.

With the new cast would the movie be much better than previously? That question you have to answer yourself but for us, we have mix feelings.


Kate Mara – Invisible Woman

kate mara

You have couldn’t missed her in Iron Man2. She was the hot US Marshal waiting for Tony at the sporty Audi. This hotty was also in Brokeback Mountain as the younger version of Alma. 

She is the great-granddaughter of the founder of the New York Giants, Timothy Mara and Art Rooney, founder of the Pittsburgh Steelers. She often sings the national anthem at Giants home games.

Her latest movie Transcendence along side with Johnny Depp.

Jamie Bell – The Thing


We are surprise when this little Englishman is selected as “The Thing”. Totally not what we were expecting even-though The Rock would be an awesome choice but we guess Billy Elliot could safe the world dancing in a carrot suit. That would play.

He has been a little under radar after the Billy Elliot. He has some good movie like Jumpers and Snowpiercers but mostly overshadowed by the leading actors.

Micheal B. Jordan – The Human Torch


He come along way since his days in Sapranos and Cosby. He been surviving with tv series until 2012 where he landed a role in Red Tail. Since then he has been trying out movies and even loaned his voice in Justice League:The Flashpoint Paradox for Cyborg. Fruitvale Station really game him a jump start in his career, and his latest movie “The Awkward Moment”.

But could he carry the Johnny Storm character without any flare from “The Awkward Moment”? Well the director’s thought so as he was the director’s first choice. Well, only time could tell.

Miles Teller – Mr. Fantastic


He looks like Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend but we can reassure you, he is not. Beside working together with Michael B.Jordan in “The Awkward Moment”, nothing else we could think off but the director must have been pretty drunk. But did you know that Kit Harington, Anton Yelchin and Jack O’Connell also audition for the role Mr Fantastic.


A mixed cast of yay and nay but we definitely hope that they would give a better wardrobe for the reboot. “Fantastic Four” is scheduled to hit theaters on June 19, 2015.


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