Fantastic Four – Review

We are a little late with our review but we had to hang on to it for abit longer as we needed to be sure that our opinion/review aren’t …….*seriously?!*
The short story of Fantastic Four is about a group men who decides to defy the law of physics by transporting organic matter, in which in this case is transporting themselves.

Synopsis (Warning: May contain spoilers, duh!)

The Gist of It: Reed Richards dream has always been about creating a portal that could transport matters from one location to another. His idea draw the interest of Ben Grimm. Together both of them worked on it for years until finally Richards work got recognized by Dr. Franklin Storm, the director of Baxter Foundation. Dr Franklin offered a full scholarship to Richards to continue his studies. Dr Franklin is the father of Johnny Storm; a young delinquent and Susan Storm; an adopted brilliant young girl.


It begin with how Reed Richards(Miles Teller) ambitions and how Ben Grimm(Jamie Bell) became acquainted. The invention finally caught the attention of Dr. Franklin Storm(Reg E. Cathey) and Susan Storm(Kate Mara). After much introduction, Reed continued his work. But however that’s only the half it. Dr. Franklin recruited Victor Von Doom(Toby Kebbell) back to project where Victor left half way.
Next was the recruitment of Dr Franklin so called wild child, Johnny Storm(Michael B.Jordan). The four which is Reed, Sue, Victor and Johnny worked on the project and soon the successfully created a working machine. Their happiness kept short as the Baxter Foundation was pestered by the board of directors to join with Nasa in which it didn’t go well with the team especially Victor.
Reed, Victor and Johnny did the unthinkable to set sail to another dimension with Ben joining them. Ofcourse the unimaginable happens with Victor being left behind and with Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben absorbing some sort of energy.


CR- Review

A reboot from the previous Fantastic Four, the new one unfortunately don’t come near to it’s predecessor. To begin is the cast in my opinion was badly chosen. Miles Teller might have the basically look and charisma of Reed Richard, but however he fails to bring aggressive part of it. He was very mild and ‘trying’ to hard. Next would be Jamie Bell playing Ben Grimm. Now if you have watched his movie before such as Jumpers and Snowpiercer he was a loud mouth and frontal person but in Fantastic Four, he was mute. Very little dialogues. This where I believe Josh failed to use his cast strength but maybe it’s not entirely his fault as his direction was sidetrack by Twentieth Century Fox Film; according to some his statements.


Not all was bad, the plot were good in the beginning but took a south turn when they introduce Victor’s character. From there onward, some part just seemed rushed leading to movie’s down fall. Victor was suppose to be smart but has to have this dark element but the problem was that he wasn’t all dark and cunning. Like i said earlier, Josh didn’t use the chosen character wisely.


The saddening part is that the climax of the movie in which it didn’t make any complete sense. Victor returned from the alternate world injured and later he attacked everyone who saved him.


As many has watched and criticized there is no way to go around it. The lack of creative mind and i believe production house restriction would have ultimately been the caused of this meltdown.

Rating: 1.5/10
Favourite Line: – None –



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