Finding Dory – Review

Swimming into the theater last week was the ever forgetful Finding Dory. Finding Dory tells a tale of Dory locating her long lost parents. As you may know, Dory has a short term memory lost. So the question would be is how could a person/fish forgets all the time even remember her own parents? Well, Disney has way on putting it and absolutely nailed it.

The Gist of It:

It all started with Dory herself being always forgetful. Dory has been special, unlike other fishes she always takes live where the waves takes her. But this time instead of riding the waves, Dory started swimming out herself looking for something. What could she be looking for? Her parents.
Dory has been always been forgetful so how could she even remember her parents. Well a knock on the head would help. Dory begin’s returning back to where she came from just following her inner Dory. So how a rather, she manages to get to that place but ofcourse with the help of Nemo and Marlin. Her Dory-ness shows her the way and with the help of her new found family, she only manage to find the place of where she came from – she manages to meet back her old friend, Destiny. Ofcourse along the way – she makes a new friend, Hank. Hank is a 9 armed Octopus.
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Together with Marlin, Nemo, Hank and Destiny – Dory manages to find her home where she use to play and stay but only to find out that her parents are no longer there.

The Review

Before we tell you how is it, we would like to give a standing ovationĀ to Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studio for an outstanding animation movie. It had all the correct ingredients for a hearty movie.
Despite the original routine like the first movie they manage to elevated the movie to be watched not only by the young “Dory” but also for the adult “Dory”. Every character had it’s own function that some how rather that compliments the movie as a whole. InĀ Finding Dory – every character has a fair amount of time and it still focuses on Dory’s mission to find her parents and every character has a purpose and message to get across to the audiences.
The movie tells us multiple messages such as the importance of family, never give up on your family and etc.
Usually a sequel movie don’t have that much of punch like the first movie – this franchise has broken that stigma. Totally jumping out of the water and into another pile of water but with new environment.
A must watch movie and not to be missed.

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