Five Feet Apart Review

The movie was not bad, but it was very slow moving, repetitive and you never got the feeling you really knew the characters. I was into the first hour of this film but some of the character decision making and hammy romantic elements ruin the latter portion of a film. A film that is truly anchored by its Haley Lu Richardson’s performance

The film is about two people at a hospital with cystic fibrosis. The disease is so dangerous if you already have the disease so co carriers need to stay six feet apart, as to not infect each other with bacteria. The two strike up a romance and learn about each other and what how the disease and the idea of dying impacts their lives.


The two major characters in their lives-or, much rather, Stella’s life are her childhood best friend, fellow CF patient Poe (Moises Arias), and her older sister Abby (Sophia Bernard). Poe has accepted his illness but has trouble letting others in enough that they might help, which damages any romantic relationships. Abby lives a carefree, wild lifestyle, which she does in order to live life out for Stella as well.

It certainly isnt the worst movie ever and I feel like the actors were doing the best with what what they were given and there are some parts that are nice and touching but you could probably wait to see this film. Its not anything special.

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