Focus – Review

Will Smith returns with yet another questionable “Focus”of the movie. Will Smith plays a man whose main purpose is to con people. His special ability is distraction. Together with Margot Robbie, the duo manage to distract audiences from the real focus of the movie.


Margot Robbie should have her own poster.

An expert con-man decides to recruitment a hot babe to hustle people during the super-bowl. Nicky(Will Smith) has team of people whose job to con people and take their money. Jess(Margot Robbie) is small time con artist who got the attention of Nicky.

Nicky trained Jess and brought her in to his profitable business. But however when Nicky got to emotional with Jess, he pulls out and just left.
Feeling distraught, Nicky didn’t any con job for about 3 years. He was hired by rich man called Garriga. Garriga wanted to Nicky to con his competitor into thinking that Nicky was a unsatisfied engineer that would sell the formula of Garriga’s speed machine.
However everything changes when Nicky bumps into Jess who happen’s to be Garriga’s girlfriend.


Why would you want to get me drunk?

Another one focused movie of Will Smith. The movie basically surrounds at one character . Unlike American Hustle or Ocean’s Eleven – Focus is more of a emotional movie. It did get intense, but however at the end of it, it’s kinda pointless.
Will Smith smoothness is undeniable but his combination with Margot Robbie was more off that hotdog needing some extra mustard sauce. It was irrelevant.
It felt like Margot Robbie had no other role in this movie beside to just spice it up. To be honest, it worked but the plot was confusing and fragile. Not doubt it was intense at certain part but was totally wasted with the follow up. In short, it fail to deliver.

Red suits me well

Rating 5.0/10
Nothing else beside Margot Robbie was interesting in this movie. It felt like Hitch but instead of loving but was about conning people.

Release date: 26th February 2015

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