Game Night – Review

This movie was a hilarious surprise. They took an ensemble cast that took clever writing and made it even funnier – and not just chuckle or think “that was a good joke” and smile – but actually laugh out loud funny. Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams had awesome chemistry and were hilarious as a couple. In fact, all of the couples worked well together and the relationships were all unique in their comedy dynamics.

The film does have its silly moments and the twists towards the end stretch believably, but you don’t really care as you don’t watch this film to critique, but just to enjoy the ride for a few hours. The characters are not deep, but you quickly grow to like them all or feel sorry for them as the film flows on

Game Night has the combination of suspense and comics. Even thou Jason Bateman was a little predictable in his character but Rachel McAdams was showing alot of flexibility in character. This is the same woman who played Regina George in Mean Girls and the ever forgetting Paige in The Vow. The right balance of the two really brought life to the movie. But we have to give credit to Malcolm who impersonate Denzel Washington at a level we can’t tell each other apart.

All in all it was good comedy movie without Kevin Hart or The Rock not acting in it. A movie best enjoyed with friends and family.

Rating: 7/10


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