Gods of Egypt – Review

 Egyptian Gods are getting better closure. After a little drop of the Gods in The Mummy, well finally they have their own movie. Something like the Greek Gods movie such as The Wrath of Titans, Clash of the Titans and latest Percy Jackson. However does the movie come up to the same level of those movie? Well lets find out.


The Gist of It:

So the story is that Horus to be King but however on that auspicious day, Seth killed his elder brother Osiris and took the throne for himself. In the process he blinded Horus by taking both of his eyes and enslaving the other Gods. Horus is banish and Seth rules.
But however there is a twist, a love story between Bek and Zaya – humans. Under the Seth reign, Zaya was killed after Bek went and stole Horus’s eye in Seth’s treasure chamber. Believing that Horus could bring back Zaya to life, Bek helps Horus to retrieve his other eye.

Now the idea is good, talking about Horus fighting against Seth for the throne. However the direction of the movie side track. It has to many main ingredients in which later just confused the movie goers.
We have the good looking Jaime Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Lannister as Horus and Spartan King Gerard Butler as Seth; both top of their game but their acting is very expected. Something we have seen in all their movie like Game of Throne, The Other Women, Gamer and The Bounty Hunter. Nikolaj is a sweet talker while Gerrard is just brute. Some how is the story line with this actors? Unfortunately it’s poorly constructed.

GodsOfEgypt_DOM_Trailer2_1080pV2 0873.tif

You see the Gods of Egypt if by the book it’s suppose to be hardcore. For example Osiris, Horus’s dad is not suppose to die that easy. But however in the movie, he was easily defeated and killed by Seth. We understand the need to improvise but atleast have some cover story for what is Osiris. You see, the Egyptian Gods don’t have much air time like the Greek Gods. So the foundation to educate is a must. The cover story should have been elaborated instead of just Horus’s bad lifestyle.

GodsOfEgypt_DOMTrlr1_Texted_HD 3305.tif

Yes, this is a direct case of bad directorship of a Egyptian son, Alex Proyas. One of the movie which is under his belt is I, Robot. Now I, Robot was a good movie, even though it was full with fx. What made it different? Well I, Robot was produce by 20th Century – explains the good movie. So in this case, Gods of Egypt was produce by Alex himself. So do the math yourself.


One of those movie that is a Fantastic 4 case. Remember when the trailer of the latest Fantastic 4 came out and we were so pump up and the movie was like a dead cabbage.
We thought it was gonna be good especially with the transformation part but it was just meeh.

Favourite Line: “Stay close”

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