Godzilla vs…..??

More insight on Godzilla. Based on the latest trailer, Godzilla seems to fighting some ‘thing’.
As Godzilla is now 3 times as tall as 160-foot dinosaur compared to the 1954 version, the new Godzilla at first seems to be similar to the 1998 version. But the new trailer, seems otherwise.

The trailer suggest that Godzilla fights with another Godly creature. So the question is, why are the Japanese so relaxed and the American are shooting on it(no suprise)?
Anyway, based on the previous movies since 1954, Godzilla had fought with some other creatures such as:

– Ebirah – a giant lobster
– Mohtra – a giant bug
– Ghidorah – 3 headed monster
– Anguirus – a mutated ankylosaurus
– King Kong – do we need to state more
– Minilla – his own son, in which 2 two live happily ever after -_-

Maybe director Gareth Edwards some other monster in the making? Note to self, the writer for this movie is Max Borenstein. As the name suggest, he tends to go overboard with his imagination(he wrote Swordswallowers and Thin Men – the college movie with a budget of $2500). So expect the unexpected.

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