Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – MOVIE REVIEW

I AM GROOT! That’s the perfect way to sum up the latest Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s feels like watching a 70’s movie in the beginning than it quickly remind’s you why is loved Groot so much.

Before anything, we will need to salute James Gunn for not dropping the ball. Well the first Guarding of the Galaxy was awesome but to be able to sustain such excitement, well we have say no many directors are able to that especially in this kind of movie. With it’s original theme of comedy flick hiding under a super hero movie; now with a dash of Groot cuteness and hint of maturity from Rocket.
The appearance of Star Lord’s dad really surprised us and not to adding to it is the origin of Star Lord himself. In the other scene we got to see Rocket getting in touch with his feeling while Yondu goes on blue with his story. The movie compresses individual personal story and it they comes out as one to save Quill. Unlike the first movie, where they all had one mission – stopping Ronan.

The movie is fun, has alot sentimental, it’s about family, father and son reconnection, battles with unknown monster; it has it all. Basically all of the 2017 movie so far in one.

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