Hacksaw Ridge – REVIEW

Desmond Doss was a simple, pious boy from rural Virginia who overcame a multitude of obstacles to become a hero in World War II, despite having registered as a conscientious objector (non-violent, does not believe in taking a life). During the battle of Okinawa, He single-handedly moved 75 of his wounded comrades from the battlefield to safety.


Already a contender for one of the best movies of this year. (9/10)
Without getting into the details and potentially spoiling the movie, this is truly a cinematic experience from the very first second. While the acting was great all around, this was perhaps Andrew Garfield’s best performance as an actor. Vince Vaughn provided plenty of laughs during the boot camp portion of the movie. The war is where this movie truly shines, the battle scenes are gory, intense and provides a realistic sense of fear. Director Mel Gibson lives up to his ability to direct “in-your-face-violence” type of action scenes by utilizing the cast, music and cinematography to create an atmosphere that provides the audience with a multitude of emotions throughout the war.


Overall, it starts off rather slow, insert family drama here, becomes a romance, turns into a comedy (It’s funnier without the censors but to each his own), returns to the drama again, and then full-on in-your-face war-action, with everything working perfectly together to get you involved with the story (It eventually becomes so intense, you’d end up holding back the tears on a couple of occasions.) Just sit, avoid distractions, immerse yourself and enjoy!

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