Hellboy (2019)

They got a few things right, fair credit where its due. The Hellboy in Mexico story was spot on and well done, Daimio and Gruagach were both fairly accurate, and the Baba Yaga’s chicken leg house was just about perfect. They NAILED the Osiris Club and the Wild Hunt, which got a huge smile from me.

But… Man, the rest of it? Why is Hellboy suddenly at odds with the Professor, who is suddenly a foul-mouthed monster hunter? Why rewrite the details to the origin? Why so dramatically change Alice?

There is violence and gore, as there should be! This is Hellboy. Spawn suffered some due to censorship, but not this. Overall it was very enjoyable. You are also going to have people complaining that this film is very violent. DUH! This movie is rated R for a reason.

But, it doesn’t hurt the movie nor does it make it any less enjoyable. Causal readers of the comic and hardcore fans will get the references, plots, and characters more than someone who’s just a movie goer or who just watches super hero movies. David Harbour does an excellent job as Hellboy. He really brings the character to life. It’s different from Pearlman’s, but, his Hellboy really sings of the one from the comics. Their Baba Yaga is so freakin’ sweet. Totally creepy, scary, and they don’t pull punches. This is the Hellboy we’ve been missing.

It’s weird, people jumping on the hate bandwagon, with this movie. It makes me think of Venom, from last year. Movie critics (unhappy people with pretentious clothing and appearances) hated Venom but moviegoers enjoyed it, myself included. Hellboy’s getting the same kind of unwarranted treatment, but it’s actually a lot of fun. Go see it! You’ll have a “heck” of a time.

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