The latest movie from  – has hit the hearts of fans in Hollywood.  The 40 years Oscar winner has come back to be what the critic are saying as “a gentle, thoroughly disarming performance in Her

The movie is about Theodore Twombly, an emotional writer who make living by writing for others. Devastated with his recent relationship, he became’s close with an OS. Yes, an Operating System named Samantha. The movie is set in Los Angeles in future time. Samantha, is funny, nosy and talk dirty at times.
The relationship of course grew and eventually led to love for each other.

Love the concept of the movie. The movie actually questions the relationship of us with our smartphones. Could this actually happen in the future? Instead of gay marriage, we will have cyber marriages. 🙂

The movie is set to be released on 16th January 2014 in GSC.

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