In the heart of the sea – Review


The Gist of It:

The famous Essex whaleship which is related to whale is finally getting refreshing remake. Featuring the handsome Chris Hemsworth as Owen Chase; the first mate of the famous ship. But could the handsome Asgardian defeat the Moby Dick?

Well unfortunately not. Under the direction of Ron Howard, what is suppose to be an epic battle between men and beast turns out to be a story of survival of a defeated man.
The Essex was just 2 days years old to what suppose be a two-and-a-half year  journey when a unexpected sea accident almost sank the ship. Ofcourse everyone was all superstitious and the fear in them was just like cancer. It gets worst with Owen Chase and Captain George.

Then comes the whale. It all started with Owen firing a harpoon at the whale where he immediately regretted. The whale responded by breaking the ship’s mast which resulted to the destruction of the Essex. At this point, the actual story has been diverted. The shipwreck survivors stranded at sea for many months. Ofcourse everyone starts being
hungry and start eating each other.

Well, it’s not the best remake of Moby Dick but a solid movie about nature vs men movie. Always remember, nature always win.

Favourite Line: “Oh my God… Oh my God…”

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