Independence Day: Resurgence – Review

After 20 years, finally the aliens returns to finish what they have started or what they have failed. Their ships are much bigger and their weapons are much powerful. This time they are more prepared and more resourceful to make sure they finish their mission; which is to eat up earth’s core. But how come we are still unable to defend ourselves after the last attack? Haven’t we learn anything?ID2_SIN_131_0100_ref_still-comp-01201_v0023

The Gist of It:
During the first event of the alien invasion, we were not prepared and very much naive. We didn’t believe in the existence of aliens and even imagine the possibilities of an invasion of another species.
20 years later, we celebrate the day that the aliens invaded us. We are very much prepare in arms and defence thanks to their technology. Thinking that if ever the aliens return, we might have a fighting chance. They were so wrong when the alien just swallow them solid.
David Levinson who stopped the aliens 20 years ago are still relentless. He still looking for signs and interpreting the reasons why the aliens came to earth 20 years back.
Jake Morrisson played by Liam Hemsworth is a bad **s pilot and someone who always breaks the rules(Typical hero material). Together he and Dylan Hiller – the son of the late Captain Steven Hiller(Will Smith) they both battles their way into the alien base and save the the world.DF-09723r

The Review
Did the second movie come up as good as the first movie? Well, to begin with the first movie was just an entertaining movie but the did the second movie was just an entertaining movie or just?
Honestly, this movie franchise was more suitable for a one time off movie rather than sequence. It felt like watching Battlefield(The movie with Rihanna in it), aliens with superior power blast but under estimate human’s and the human’s goes all heroic and wins.DF-08875r
The CGI in the movie is a obvious and to one part it was insulting the first movie. Well director Ronald Emmerich is known for his end of the world movie such as The Day After Tomorrow and Godzilla. Not to say he was a bad director but we believe he didn’t do more research on the graphics. He just relied to much on the CGI and well, it didn’t pull thru. Instead of having characters that compliments the movie he just use the CGI to cover up the movie. The focus of the movie was altered from the characters to CGI’s.

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