Jupiter Ascending – Review

A movie that had mix review before even it even came out due to ‘changed’ director. Anyway  Lana and Andy Wachowski brother and sister, previously known as the Wachowski’s brothers as back with another concept movie. They are famous for The Matrix trilogy and V for Vendetta and only that so far. Their last movie, Cloud Atlas was a little hard to digest but constructive.

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The future of mankind rest on a girl who cleans toilet for living but is actually is reincarnation of a powerful person in the entire galaxy and the earth is part of her property. Jupiter is that girl. Daily wishing for a better life while cleaning other people’s house and a more exciting life, one day everything just changed. She met Caine whose mission  to rescue her and bring her safely back to Titus Abrasax. Caine faces some trouble as Balem Abrasax and Kalique Abrasax also wants Jupiter.
All the Abrasax wants is that the inheritance will be on the their name instead of Jupiters. During the meeting with Titus, Jupiter understands how the Abrasax’s has been so successful to date. Titus tries to get married Jupiter but however stopped by the courages Caine but it doesn’t end there as Balem enter the picture to get to Jupiter and the dispute continues.

Those stunning eyes.


The plot is really heavy talking about how another undiscovered race who rules over earth and extremely advanced. Similar idea to The Matrix and a little futuristic like Cloud Atlas. One person who is so powerful and rule all over everyone and a world that beyond our imagination. The plot is a little strong and compressed in which should have been divided to another part.
For us, it happened to fast and how Jupiter is so relax is beyond our understanding. We saw some MIB technology in this movie and some alien that require Agent J’s clearance.
On the character, Mila Kunis was so plain. There is nothing special about her anymore. She was talking to much and just being herself which almost made us doze off. Channing Tatum in the other hand seems been trying to hard to capture the character. He is suppose to play this bad*ass half dog human hybrid but it doesn’t connect. What we saw was like Duke just got on the wrong flight back home and fighting his way with some MIB aliens.

Is there a rat behind me?

Rating 4.5/10
A movie produced by the people who was well known in making good movie, this is kinda sad. Which ever Wachowski’s brother that had their sex change should just change back to what ever they were when they were making good movies. It feels like Michael Jackson forgot nose and still showed up for the Emmy.
The CGI was good but only that. The rest is just bullet shots that missed their target.

Release date: 5th February 2015

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